Seunggi sings, talks at Epitone Project concert [2012.12.08]

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Epitone Project concert [December 8, 2012]
Talk time with special guest, Lee Seunggi

English: LSGfan, Audio: Tryp96

LSG Happy to see you, I’m Lee Seunggi. (EP and LSG laughing at the awkwardness!)
EP: After seeing each other in sweats in the studio all the time… this is weird! (Ha)

LSG: This is the first time Epitone Project’s Cha Sejung and I have appeared in public together, looking like entertainers. (LOL) So I’m still getting used to it. After seeing each other early in the mornings, not looking so good(!), it’s nice to appear together like this, after mainly meeting mainly to work. So, congratulations on your concert!
EP: Thank you (applause!!!)

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[2012.08.09] Yeosu Expo K-pop Festival – Lee Seung Gi

English: LSGfan, Videos: DCSYGALL
(Whoa, amazing HD quality videos! Feels like I’m really there!)

1) Ment + Time for Love

TEACHER:  The person I’m about to introduce…  [Screams!] It’s better if everyone called out to him together rather than just me, right?!  [Yes!!!] Great. Let’s start… LEE. SEUNG. GI. (wow, Lee Sunhee so classy. One of the Nation’s top veteran singers letting her student shine.  She really loves LSG.)

LSG: It’s so hot today and I think there’s even more people here than last time. Thank you.  This is my second time here at Yeosu, so I’m really happy.  Can everyone in the back see me okay?  You can’t?  Ok, just wait a bit and I’ll come forward more later.  (aw, LSG such a tease!) Being on stage after a while, I feel very nervous. This is a song from my 5th album, a song I wrote. For those who know it, please follow along… Time for Love.

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[2012.06.27] Yeosu Expo K-pop Festival – Lee Seung Gi

Really missing Seunggi…  Entire performance cut.   @14:15~~ Yay!!

(video: seunggiairen)

Song lineup — 1) Because we’re friends (my fave), 2) Time for love, 3) Will you marry me, 4) Smile Boy, 5) Let’s go on vacation, 6) Because you’re my woman (for encore).

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Psy and Seunggi’s ‘Because you’re my Woman’ connection

Psy’s always been one of the top loved performers in Korea (returning to glory after being banned from tv and eventually doing military service… twice!  Regaining the public’s love.)  But he’s totally blown up with catchy, over-the-top ‘Gangnam style!’  (smart to sign with YG!)  Y-star press coverage of his recent concert…

And the roof catching on fire!  @3:05.  He was freaked out too!  But he’s a total pro and quickly calmed everyone down by singing Seunggi’s ‘Because you’re my Woman,’ acappella!  It’s like a song for all generations!  Loved how the crowd sang along…

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Happy 8-year debut anniversary to our dearest Lee Seung Gi!

The HIT debut song and MV, ‘Because You’re My Woman’ feat. former Ms. Korea and Actress Kim Sarang, is already a CLASSIC and Korea’s official noona song, and will live on FOREVER~~ just like our DEAREST and most SINCERE Lee Seung Gi~~!!!

Congrats Seunggi~ 8 years of hard work, talent, sincerity… and many more to come!

(video: haart4airen – International Airens’ 8th year Debut Anniversary project)

Seunggi performs at Chanel Korea company holiday party

Dec. 5, 2011.  OMG, on this day, when I read Seunggi showed up at Chanel Korea‘s year end company holiday party, I was SO excited!  CHANEL is my mom’s and mine ALL-TIME fave classic handbag and fragrance brand!  The classic quilted Chanel bag is timeless AND the “now and forever fragrance” Chanel No.5 is still the only scent my mom wears till this day!  But as usual… Seunggi + [Cody & Hairstylist] = OMG WTF!!!!

Omg, LOVE Chanel’s dazzling holiday campaign-

So, I’m in GLEE because it’s CHANEL + SEUNGGI!  But then, it’s like DEPRESSION because of his despicable HAIRSTYLIST!!  Why the poofy, feathered, ajusshi hair for him… for a Chanel event?!  OMG.  So disappointing.  So annoying.  (but I’m used to this now, which is why I can only post a whiles after the fact- to avoid the expletives!!)

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SeungGi’s melting narration voice, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with Eng subbed/encoded videos ***

LSG video cuts from Tuesday’s (5/25) Strong Heart episode:
English translation: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; tryp96

Video clip: LSG’s narration voice is to die for!
[Hilarious old video clip had just been shown of SG Wannabe member trying to recite their song lyrics in a serious tone without laughing; then Park Hyun Bin recited the lyrics of his hilarious trot song in a serious tone cracking everyone up.]

omg, SeungGi seriously needs to do a documentary narration project next!  His acting is great… getting more and more excited about Gumiho drama comeback!