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Berocca Vitamin CF making film with Smart! Active! Seunggi


Hmmmm…. would love to see Seunggi like this in his next drama?!?!

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Smart! Active! Seunggi for Berocca performance CF

[Smart! Active! Active! Smart!]
LSG: Not giving up on Smart or Active… Berocca.
[Daily essential vitamins and minerals in one cup. Multi-vitamin Berocca]
LSG1: Yes!
LSG2: You must be drinking Berocca.
(TWO Seunggis talking to each other!!!)

English: LSGfan, Video: lsgthaiairen

From Bayer Healthcare, this is the perfect CF concept and brand match for Nation’s real-deal uhm-chin-ah!  Seunggi SO believable as a hard-working Suit!  (the non-jerk type of Suit, of course!)  Can’t wait for Berocca website to be updated!  (But what explains some of those 70s style fashion and hair photos Seunggi posed for?!?!)  Love love love this CF.  But, seriously, we better not see Kangchi drinking some yellow-ish concoction in Gu Family Book to regain his strength!

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