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47th Baeksang Awards: Male Popularity vote results

I wasn’t still fully over the lame formula used at last year’s 46th Baeksang Awards that somehow placed Kim Nam Gil in the rookie actor category along with Seunggi.  I like Kim Nam Gil, and he was very sweet in apologizing to Seunggi fans at the awards last year for winning the award!  Ha.  But, the guy had already acted in dramas and even in movies!  And I didn’t watch Queen Sundeok, but was he even the main lead in that drama?

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Actor-Singer-MC Seunggi’s 2010 Awards wrap-up

There’s a reason Uhm-chin-ah, Nation’s brother, Multi-entertainer, Actor, MC, Singer Seunggi is one of Korea’s most beloved!  Ok, anyone not impressed by Seunggi’s 2010 awards needs a serious head check!  And because of his hardworking, sincere, humble attitude, Seunggi having practically no antis is legendary in K-entertainment!  And we’re talking some major award events, and some major awards that actually award talent!  Of course, in addition to the fan fave popularity ones…


Until next year, Goodbye 46th Baeksang Awards

With a slew of high-profile kdramas premiering this week, it’s a good time to look forward and say goodbye officially to the 46th Baeksang Awards.  I’m sure LSG will be back next year through his upcoming My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, but there’s already strong competition early on from kdramas Cinderella’s Sister and Personal Taste.  Hope that Seunggi will get the chance to work with Moon Geun Young someday; I know he really wants to.

Anyway, I think this BTS video clip really shows why it’s very hard to dislike Seunggi.  That is, even if you don’t necessarily like him, you don’t dislike him; thus, he has very few antis, comparatively.  He arrived at the Awards right before the 2nd part, and the first thing he did was pay his respects to “sunbae” Go Hyung Jung.

Per earlier post, Go Hyun Jung used to be with Seunggi’s company. And although he acknowledged his fans a bunch of times, he signaled for them to please quiet down.  I think a lot of other celebs would have basked in the fandom and glory but LSG asked fans to be respectful of the others… he’s such a mature guy!  Kudos to Airen fans for showing so much love and support.

(cr: leeseunggi01)

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Watch Baeksang Awards before it gets deleted

Someone has uploaded the entire award show on youtube. 
See it before it gets deleted.

Catch glimpes of Seunggi nominations and Airen fans screaming in Parts 2 (New Male Actor) and 4 (Variety MC).  And the winners apologizing to LSG fans! :) 

The second section of the awards show starts with Part 7 and you’ll see Seunggi’s arrived and sitting up front next to HyoJoo as SNSD opens with their performance. 

Here’s Part 2. See the rest at the indicated YT channel.

(cr: MCkpopTV)

46th Baeksang Awards- Wrap Up (updated)

Getting the thumbs up from Daesang winner, Queen Sundeok’s Go Hyun Jung, and a big smile from fellow nominee and winner of the new actor award, Kim Nam Gil.  Aw, Seunggi looks so happy!  Like Seunggi said, I think Kim Nam Gil deserved the award and that even as an LSG fan, I’m sort of glad that he didn’t get the award.  Too much all at once and it’s better to take things slowly, especially with his career and popularity skyrocketing over the past year.  But there has been some gumbling… more about that later.

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