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[K-Blog] ‘Healing Camp’ Fliming – Lee Seung Gi’s Surprise Appearance to Support Mentor Lee Sun Hee

Can’t believe Teacher Lee Sunhee is celebrating her 30th year as a singer!  She is seriously aging backwards!  And her pitch-perfect live voice is still the same.  As is her love for our guy!  The way she always talks about Seunggi with so much love makes me tear up… Seunggi’s really had a charmed life~ filled with so much love and support from mentors, parents, family, friends, and the public… continuously for such a long time.  And worked his a$$ off to sustain that.  He deserves only the best!!

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[Daily Music Charts] Lee Seunggi – Last Words

* Updated with Day 4 (May 30) *

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[ENG] Gu Family Book OST: Baek Ji Young – Spring Rain

(video: Erucemag)

Baek Jiyoung is love!  Lyrics are so beautiful, sweet, pure.  SO Kangchi-Yeowool.
Can.not.wait. for Seunggi’s OST track! Hope it’s very very soon~~!!
Kangchi-Yeowool, let’s show everyone what REAL TRUE LOVE is! Nice fanvideo….

(video: mary win)

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More Lee Seunggi and flowers for Baek Jiyoung [2013.02.16]

Seriously, ONLY because it’s the awesome Baek Jiyoung~~~!!  And awww, Seunggi’s congratulatory flower messages always so witty, sweet, thoughtful ♥ ♥ ♥  huhu~~~ the lucky girl who will one day  get regular love letters from Prince Seunggi~~!!!!

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[2009] Lee Seunggi and Baek JiYoung – My Ear’s Candy

Wahhh~~~ Beastly baby boy Seunggi from 2009, for My Ear’s Candy…………
Better hair in 2009!!!  But def. WAY better body in 2013 My Ear’s Candy~~!!!!!

(video: coffee166)

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