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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi Talks ‘Gu Family Book’ and Acting for ‘Japan Nittele Plus’

*UPDATED with ENG-subbed video

(video: lovelyclover) thx so much!!!! you’re so awesome!!!

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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi & Bae Suzy Talk ‘Gu Family Book’ and Chemistry for Japan’s ‘Han Love’

English translation of the interview…

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Gu Family Book – A Thousand Years [Fan Video]

(video: ruba1029)

This is such an amazing high quality fan-made Gu Family Book video!  Seeing scenes of Kangchi-Yeowool cut like this shows KangDam love at its best.  The song is perfect too.  Too bad, Writer Kang totally left us hanging with that abrupt final episode.  Still feeling ugh about that.  All she had to to was cut out all that unnecessary other story stuffs in earlier eps, and give us one full ep of KangDam in love, in modern times…

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Kim Yuna & Lee Seung Gi are 2013’s Top Preferred CF Models [Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation]

December 30, 2013.  According to the results of the nation-wide survey conducted by the Media Consumer Research (MCR), the Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) revealed that Kim Yuna ranked #1 as the 2013 top preferred CF model at 7.0%, and Lee Seunggi ranked at #2 at 6.3%.  Kim Yuna has continuously ranked at the #1 spot for the 2009, 2010, and 2011 years, while Lee Seunggi has continuously ranked in the top 3 for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 years.  Last year, Psy ranked at #1, followed by #2 Seunggi, and #3 Kim Yuna.   The full 2013 list includes:

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2013 MBC Drama Awards – Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won Catch Up During Photo Time [Fancams]

(video: seungsun love)

@0:10~ Seunggi takes care of Suzy.  Yup, that’s why he’s that awesome and such a pro.  I’m sure both of them knew the Excellence category was more fitting for her award, but he supported all the way.  Even gets her attention to wave goodbye, since he had to leave soon after.  She’s really lucky to have worked with him.

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