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Brilliant Legacy ends in Japan, TV ratings summary

UPDATED — with 10asia article about high viewership ratings!

(photo credit: Edaily SPN)

On March 30th, Fuji TV aired the final episode of Brilliant Legacy. 

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Brilliant Legacy, “Daebak” ratings in Japan as well, 1st in its time slot

As posted earlier, the ratings in Japan for Brilliant Legacy are “daebak” as well!  A lot of people are speculating that a certain LSG-HHJ kiss scene that was the highest rated scene in Kdrama last year may have somethng to do with it!  This news is being followed by the Korean news outlets as well. 

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Brilliant Legacy lives on at Korean restaurant

(credit: DClsg)

The seul-lung-tang (설렁탕-ox bone soup) restaurant from Brilliant Legacy continues to benefit from the kdrama’s popularity.  Based on recent photos posted by a DClsg fan, looks like the place did some nice renovations and is still prominently featuring cast photos.  although the life size cutouts seem a little overkill! :)  Great marketing idea considering that BL is currently airing in Japan and is in the works to be broadcast in like 80 other countries — foreign fans will probably want to check out the restaurant if they are visiting in korea. 

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Brilliant Legacy: Japan Photo Exhibit

To commemorate the Japan premiere of Brilliant Legacy on Fuji TV (started airing on March 2, 2010), a photo exhibit was put together.

I love how the photos of Seunggi also include ones from his Hope Concert in Seoul (and 1n2d pix).  His song Love Taught me to Drink was #9 again on Music Bank today…  he still somehow is able to stay around even w/out any song promotion. :)

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