Uhm-chin-ah Seunggi’s 1N2D morning mission anthem

A much-needed snow day and a new year’s resolution for more balance has made LSGfan way productive and a master multi-tasker!  And I’m totally feeling motivated by Avril’s upbeat song played on the Jan 30 Sunday’s 1N2D morning mission!

OMG, the PDs chose the perfect track for Seunggi!  Ok, I’m totally against any sort of messing around, but this excerpt from Avril Lavigne’s song is like the perfect anthem for upstanding uhm-chin-ah Seunggi ~ “But honestly I just need to be a little crazy!  All my life I’ve been good, but now woah, I’m thinking what the hell!” Hahahaha.  NOT!  Check out the hilarious Seunggi cuts and English translation below…

(Videos: tryp96;  English: LSGfan)