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Lee Seung Gi arrives at Istanbul, Turkey Airport for ‘Noonas over Flowers’ filming

(video: Lee Seung Gi Turkey)

November 1.  At 4am?!  Istanbul, Turkey Airport.  Seunggi and ‘Noonas over Flowers’ team arriving from Korea.  Aw, I’m sure Seunggi wanted to acknowledge the dedicated 15+ fans who showed up at like 12am and waited 4 hours!… but he’s a pro, and probably didn’t want to draw attention to himself in front of the veteran noonas, nor inconvenience the ‘Noonas over Flowers’ filming.  But I’m sure he was SO happy and beaming with pride to see the fans!  Probably won lots of brownie points with the Noonas too!  Turkish Airen~~ seriously jjjaaaang!! —  Lee Seung Gi Turkey facebook.

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[ENG] Seunggi thanks #1 ranked fanclub in Singapore

[Video] Specially for Lee Seung Gi (2013 The Brilliant Show in Singapore)

(video: Lee Seung Gi SingaporeAiren)

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[ENG] Seunggi gets teary-eyed, all choked-up in Thailand

Aug 10. Thailand Fan Meeting. Still can’t get over this brilliant Thai Airen video. huhu.

[Fancam] Showing of the video and LSG’s teary-eyed reaction and response~~~
Wahhh~~~ (English translation below the video…..)

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[Naver Star Column] Lee Seunggi talks acting and variety, singing, the future, and his agency family

[Lee Seunggi] Part 2, In between Variety and Acting, the Real Me is…
Written by Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan

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Seoul Music Awards backstage interview with Lee Seunggi

[2013.02.04] KBS Morning Show 생생정보통

The Seoul Music Award goes to~~ Lee Seunggi!
Winning #1 in mobile voting for the second consecutive year.

MC: Lee Seunggi won top 60.2% of votes and the Bonsang, he was a 2-crown winner.  We personally met with Lee Seunggi to hear how he felt…

LSG: Really, this always makes me more happy than other awards, this Popularity Award voted on by our fans. Continually calling a non-responsive mobile ARS, working day and night to vote, I really want to say thank you to our fans. It’s been a while a since I’ve been at the music awards… and with those such as Psy sunbaenim and other national singers, I feel happy just to be considered together in the lineup with them.

English: LSGfan, Video: geumju park

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