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Lee Seung Gi’s Activia fan event talk and fun [July 2012]

[July 5, 20120]  Wah~~~ I can’t help but to smile too!  The LSG smile effect!

(video: 믿고보는 이승기)

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Activia fan signing event with Lee Seung Gi [July 2012]

[July 5, 2012].  Activia event and fan signing.  How can someone’s hairstyle change SO much from one day to the next?!  I loved his hairstyle and look this day!  This is his best hot-hairstyle look… in my book.  Messy with no part OR a left-to-right part.  And then mix things up a bit from there.  I’m not into the right-to-left part at all.  But the smiling face never disappoints!!!!  Love it!  So the fashion style look for the day…

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Hope Seunggi eats lots of healthy Activia and gets some rest!

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Seunggi talks CFs, King role, Ha Jiwon’s aegyo, IU, Japanese album with MBC Section TV [ENG]

February 19, 2012.  MBC Section TV interview with reporter fangirl Seulgi.

(video: beedance07)

Video clip should clear up some misleading stuff reported in the press…

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The neverending Activia fan signing photoblogs [June 2010]

This is the press release photo about the fan signing event circulating today in the press.  In talking about the successful event, they of course remember to emphasize that Activia is the number 1 yogurt in sales… but it also specifically says that SeungGi was sporting a “wavy new hairstyle for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho filming.”   Interesting details to include along with a fan signing press release from Activia!  Or maybe the press release was from Hook Entertainment?! (Really, no way!)…

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