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Missing this 1N2D era with hyungs Hodong, Kim C, Mong…

*** UPDATE*** 

Let’s remember the Love… Let’s measure in Love… Seasons of Love…
Just like how Seunggi always sincerely and gratefully does, right~~??!!
ALL 1N2D members + fans~ FIGHTING!!

(video: blackred44)

1N2D members talk about [Strong Heart] Seunggi on Win Win

Sort of ironic.  November 1, 2011.  SBS Strong Heart aired part 2 of its 100th episode with Hodong-less, solo MC Seunggi, and over on KBS Win Win where Sugeun is one of the MCs, Taewoong was the guest and joined by 1N2Ders, Jiwon and Jongmin.  Talk about Seunggi was sort of inevitable, but Win Win and its MCs seem to never shy from mentioning Seunggi (and Hodong) and Strong Heart on its show or via captions, despite being rival shows, often joking that their tv ratings are not as high!

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Seunggi and fans share hugs, kisses, tearful goodbyes [1N2D Viewers Special]

September 25, 2011.  1N2D Viewers Special, Part 4.  Final installment of the 3rd and final Viewers Special.  Really touching stuff!  Heartfelt moments.  Tearful goodbyes.   1N2D Performance.  And Seunggi cuts full of LOTS of Aws, Hugs, Kisses, Tears~~

1N2D members’ version of ‘Love Twist’

(Video: Tiam062,  English: LSGfan)

LSG: There’s a song all our members together prepared. It’s a song everyone from our little kids to the elderly will enjoy. Please dance together with us and enjoy. Everyone ready?! Our members will present “Love’s twist.”
(Guys enter acting all gangster, particularly Sugeun! Ha!)
SUG: What’s the deal!  KHD: Music please!
Hodogng’s posse vs. Sugeun’s posse: Battle of Pride!
(Very cute performance by the 1N2D boys!)
KHD: Everyone~ Thank you! Be happy!
Ending with a grand bow!
KHD: Thank you! Though we were lacking, we wanted to do a good job for you. We gave our best. Please look upon us kindly as~ ‘Our friend. Our oppa. Our child. Our grandchild.’ Please think of us this way. Hope this will be a memory deep in your heart you will never forget. Crying out together!~ Viewers Tour #3! 1 Night~ 2 Days~!

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Fangirls, Seunggi and Sung Shi Kyung duet, Sunday ratings [1N2D Viewers Special]

September 11 and 18, 2011 – 1N2D broadcast, Seunggi cuts…

Music Bank fans show love for Seunggi

The leaders head out to get lunch for their teams.
SUG: Hello. Everyone it’s Lee Seunggi! [Screams!]
LSG: Me? Thank you. (OMG, he’s all proper, talking polite to the teen fangirls!)
Crowd waits in line for Music Bank recording. This is the prince’s popularity.
LSG: Music Bank? [More screams!]
Lee Sugeun quickly disappears!

(Videos: Tryp96,  English: LSGfan)

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Verandah Project ‘Mountain Climbing’ [ENG]: 1N2D Seunggi

1N2D cut, Seunggi thanks hyungs + Song [ENG]

Verandah Project’s Mountain Climbing, Fanmade [ENG]

(Videos: Beedance07)

1N2D cuts: August 7, 2011 Waterfall Special broadcast.
Artist: Verandah Project (Kim Dong Ryul, Lee Sang Soon).
Song: Mountain Climbing 산행(山行).  Ablum: Day Off (2010).
Management: Music Farm

I hope Hodong has good people around him to advise him because having good friends, family, and mentors means everything.  Part of me is pissed off at Hodong on various fronts but the other bigger part of me feels super badly for him and is rooting for Nation’s MC to show some resilience from hereon…

As for Seunggi, I hope he gets to pursue the dreams and goals he wants most~!

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Seunggi gets fan love from ALL ages! [1N2D Viewers Special]

2011, September 4.  1 Night 2 Days: Viewers Special.

SUG: I thought Michael Jackson was entering! (Hahaha)
JHM: He really seems like a celebrity!
LSG: Hi there~ (Aw! Seunggi looks fab!)

(Videos: Tryp96,  English:  LSGfan)

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Sung Shi Kyung unsuccessfully tries to uncover the real Lee Seunggi [1N2D Viewers Special]

I love how people are always trying to uncover the real Seunggi!  Hahaha.  But come on, of course people are not perfect!  It’s just that Seunggi is super-perfect in the “polite, well-mannered, uhm-chin-ah” area and simply LESS-flawed in general!

KHD: Which age group do you want?
LSG: I think the young friends will be okay. 0-9, 10-19 age groups.
SSK: You don’t have nephews/nieces right? They’re really difficult.
KHD: It means he wants to be a young dad!
JHM: Does he have a girlfriend?
SSK: He probably does.
[Shikyung and hyungs try to trap Seunggi!]
LSG: Me?! I’m married! Hahahaha.

Videos: leeseunggiworld, English: LSGfan

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