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The King 2Hearts – Press conference videos, part 1 [ENG]

Coverage of The King 2Hearts March 8 press conference.  Seunggi gets asked about competition with other dramas, reasons for leaving 1N2D and Strong Heart, future military enlistment.  Jiwon responds to working with younger male partners, including Seunggi~~  Love it when they bust out laughing!  (Big Thanks to our Beedance07)!

Video #1 [ENG]

Video #2 [ENG]

Part 2 cuts forthcoming~~~

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MNET MIC Interview [ENG] – Happy Birthday Lee Seunggi!

UPDATED with Mediafire download links from Beedance:
MNET MIC interview: Lee Seunggi, Part 1
MNET MIC interview: Lee Seunggi, Part 2

January 13, 2012 – Happy Birthday to Seunggi!  As promised, here it is~~ the FULL, awesome MNET MIC interview with English subs [from Nov 27, 2011].  With a special birthday wish to Seunggi at the beginning~~!  One of the best full-length interviews Seunggi has done talking about music, and also variety and dramas.  You guys will all just love him more… if that’s possible~~!!!  Hope Seunggi has the best year ever!  Happy Birthday to dear Seunggi~~~~!  Enjoy the awesome interview!  Thx Beedance!

UPDATE- OMG, love this so much (and even more with Beedance’s subs!) Ok, it’s LONG, so you may have to watch in parts! Seunggi always has such intricate and lengthy responses! So, see below for Table of Contents (Ha!) + some fun excerpts..

[@0:00~] Happy Birthday Seunggi!

[@2:40~] MNET MIC interview intro

[@5:40~] 2011 – Lee Seunggi’s 5th album < Tonight >
With top musicians involved and various genres included, an album with a higher level of musicianship.

[@7:30~] Story behind “Time for Love”

A song resulting from extreme loneliness… Feeling lonely, wishing I had a girlfriend now. Going out together, eating great food together. That constant feeling of loneliness…

I was in Japan. I was laying down in my room and the hotel plaza area was really nice. I thought, two guys shouldn’t be hanging out here! Before going out for beers, it was written in 20 minutes. I thought, why not write some lyrics before going out? I wrote down what I wanted to say. Then adding some melodies, what I recorded before leaving was “Time for Love.” The song came out that way. It felt good. Since I wrote it, you then get greedy…

First, I suggested we have a narration. A guy and girl talking to one another about that encounter. We were just going to bring in anyone, and I would do the guy’s part. But I thought it’d be nice if a good person did it. Then Hyojoo happily agreed to it. Originally, the lines were very short, after the song. But after Hyojoo got involved, I thought we need to go bigger. Let’s go for a whole bridge. So it became longer, split into 2 parts. When Hyojoo first got the narration,she said “It’s going to be hard to act out this bad dialogue!” But because Hyojoo did such a good job, I think the song turned out well.

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2011 SBS Entertainment Awards recap-Strong Heart Seunggi

Happy New Year!  Happy 2012!  Congrats to Seunggi for another amazing successful year!  How does he do it?!  I seriously admire him even more now!  I was sad he didn’t get to a new drama like he planned to, and that we didn’t get to see him at any of the drama awards, but I’m more glad that the things he DID focus on (MCing and Singing) turned out DAEBAK!  And that the year ended on a super high and happy note with the celebratory 2011 SBS Entertainment AwardsStrong Heart (and Running Man) ruled the night!  Seunggi won the Top Netizen Popularity Award for the 3rd consecutive year, and won the Best Excellence Award and was a Daesang Award nominee for the 2nd straight year!  Boom, Teuk, Juri, Shindong, and the program itself won awards!

Okay last 2011 Recap~~!  It’s sorta long!  SBS Entertainment Awards.  A fan compiled 2 videos of ALL Seunggi moments from this awards show (video montages, name mentions, speeches, presenting awards, just laughing and enjoying)!  It’s awesome.  He looked stunning too!  I’ve translated or summarized both parts.  Thank you to tiam062 for compiling the video cuts! YT has since deleted the videos :(

Part 1 [LSG cut]

Part 2 [LSG cut]

(Videos: tiam062)

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Lee Seung Gi: Rumors on new SBS show + 1N2D Season 2

Here we go again.  Separating the TRUTH from all the RUMORS regarding Seunggi’s involvement in variety programs in the coming new year…

What we know to be TRUE (based on comments from official representatives)

  • 1 Night 2 Days Season 2  is in the works and will be helmed by Choi Jae Hyung PD (formerly of KBS Invincible Baseball).
  • 100-Person Table, a new SBS variety program set to air in March/April 2012, will be helmed by Shin Hyo Jung PD (formerly of KBS 1 Night 2 Days).
  • Hook Entertainment acknowledged that Seunggi has been asked to appear on the new SBS show “100-Person Table,” but no concrete details or plans have been discussed; and that confirmation of Seunggi as MC for this program is a false report.
  • SBS representatives state that nothing has been confirmed or finalized about Seunggi as MC for this new show.  However, they acknowledged that they are sending a lot of love calls to Seunggi to MC or participate in variety programs.

And at this point, only RUMORS (some true, some false, definitely contradictory!)…

  • Seunggi and the other members will not be participating in 1N2D Season 2.
  • Seunggi will be the MC of the new SBS show, 100-Person Table.
  • The show will be a talk show format program.
  • It will be a 1N2D-like program that tours Korea and accomplishes missions.
  • Along with Seunggi, 6-8 MCs will also be involved in the new show.
  • Cha Seung Won is in discussions of joining the show.

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2011 Shining Drama Stars Best 10 – Gallup Korea

Unlike most random K-celeb polls, this one comes from Gallup Korea (wow, an actual polling organization!), which has conducted the annual poll since 2005.  For the 2011 Shining Stars Gallup surveyed 1,728 persons of all ages 13 and older across Korea, between Nov 18 and Dec 7.  (Reporting a confidence level of 95%, sampling error of ±2.4%, which basically means its a good representation of how Koreans feel!)  But most important — Seunggi is the only star on the list despite not doing a drama in 2011.  Wow!  And congrats to Hyun Bin, who continues to set the standard for best-case scenario on ideal timing to enlist for 2-year military service!  Last year, Seunggi, Hyun Bin, veterans Go Doo Shim and Lee Soon Jae also made the list…

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