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Noonas Over Flowers Ep 6 Cut – Seunggi Waits in the Rain for HeeAe to Return

* Updated with Screencaps/Gifs

English translation of the cut and full Ep 6 video…

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[2013.10.02] SBS One Night Recap – Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin talk bromance and their CF

* UPDATED – ENG-subbed video

(video: sgsairl)

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SuperStar-K Kim MinJi sings Lee Seunggi’s ‘Music Time’ and makes Top 10

(video: 예솔 김) Whoa~ from Seunggi’s very first album~~

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Grandpas Over Flowers [Recap] – Lee Seunggi cameo

*UPDATE: Dramabeans recap – Grandpas Over Flowers: Episode 13

(video: Official cut via CJENMMEDIA)

RECAP:  [2013.09.27] Grandpas Over Flowers – Seunggi cameo cut.  Uh-oh… Na PD is SO evil!  And Seojin’s joining in on the fun!  I’m excited, but really nervous for Seunggi!  LOLs.  And the preview of Seunggi’s hair for the upcoming WeMakePrice CF… um… *sigh*  I’ll take that 70s retro outfit over the hair any day~~~

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Running Man Ep 121: Live-stream tweet recap [2012.11.25]

Better late than never…  Part 2 of the live-stream tweets during Running Man ep 121.   I’ve watched this 2-episode Running Man sooooooo many times.  One of the best eps ever!  Made me a total fan of Running Man.  Love the show!  Seunggi and Jaesuk, Seunggi and Gary, Seunggi and Haha, Seunggi and Jongkook~~~  Seunggi bromances are always the bestest!  But loved Seunggi and Shinhye as guests too!

And since Shinhye mentioned Seunggi at her fan meeting in the Philippines today~~  Her best partners: #3 Seunggi (Did MV and MC’d together).  She wants to work with him in a drama. (#2 Yonghwa, #1 Geunsuk).  Give us Seunggi and Shinhye in Kdrama together~~!!!!  Love Shinhye for always showing lotsa respect and love for Seunggi!!!

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