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[ENG] 4.12.2018 Lee Seunggi Congratulates Jeju Samdasoo’s 20th Anniversary as New Endorsement Model

Read English translation…

April 12, 2018 – Samdasoo Greetings
English: LSGfan, Video: Samdasoostory

[samdasoostory IG: Following yesterday’s 20th anniversary photocall, Jeju Samdasoo’s new model Lee Seunggi-nim also congratulated Jeju Samdasoo! Cool refreshing Seunggi-nim revealed to all of you :) Not only that, new events are being prepared for the 20th anniversary, so please greatly anticipate this!💧Seunggi-like Samdasoo #ForWaterLiveBySamdasoo #LeeSeunggi #Jeju #Samdasoo #TVCF #JejuSamdasoo]

Seunggi: Hello~ I’m Jeju Samdasoo model Lee Seunggi. I sincerely congratulate Jeju Samdasoo’s 20th anniversary. I feel very happy to be together for this meaningful 20th anniversary. It’s a big honor to be active as the Samdasoo model. I personally drank Samdasoo for my water, so hearing that we’ll be together like this, I was really happy. From hereon, I hope you will be a Jeju Samdasoo that continues to receive even more love. And I, Lee Seunggi too, will continue to drink only Samdasoo water. Congratulations on this 20th anniversary, and as expected me too, I will always show a good side as the model so please always be healthy and happy. Again, sincere congratulations on the 20th Anniversary!

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