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[ENG] 3.2018 Lee Seunggi for BlackYak CF + Behind the Scenes 2018 S/S Photoshoot

Read English translation…

March 2018 BlackYak CF
English: LSGfan, Video: BLACKYAK Korea

You can sense it.

It goes deeper.

It moves you.

The bigger world…

Begins here, where I stand.

When you face a new challenge…

Himalaya original BlackYak.


Behind-the-Scenes 2018 Spring/Summer Photoshoot

Can’t wait to see more of these! BlackYak hasn’t officially released this BTS video yet. It was posted on one of the newest BlackYak store’s blog.  Original version from the blog: http://blog.naver.com/blackyak2016/221236268078.  I think they’ll go full promo mode soon since the ads recently started.

Below is a music-edited version (not as high-quality):

(Video: Asian Kpop lover via BlackYak2016 blog)

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