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[ENG] 3.12.2018 New Endorsement Model Lee Seunggi Greets BlackYak 45th Anniversary Event Audience

Read English translation…

March 12, 2018 BlackYak 45th Anniversary Event
English: LSGfan, Video: 김재효

(Seunggi’s cut at 4:55~6:34)

Founder & CEO KangTaeSun: I’ll introduce a few more people. Going into this new 2018 year, there are those who have become family as our models. Since our company has a lot of brands, there are 5 models. Two couldn’t be with us today but 3 are here~ Lee Seunggi, singer and actor, BlackYak model, please come on stage! (then he said 2 other names but inaudible and I don’t know who they are).

Seunggi: Everyone who has gathered here to celebrate the 45th anniversary of BlackYak, from abroad as well~ while I’ve become the BlackYak model, I’ve been really happy. More than that, personally for me, after being discharged from the army, it’s my first time being the model here. And I’ve really come to like mountains so rather than just enthusiastically enjoying it myself, I have big expectations to passionately share this together with BlackYak. For selecting me as the model, thank you again to CEO Kang and everyone working with BlackYak. And as the model, I’ll strongly run forward. Best wishes for only unlimited advancement hereon. Thank you.

(also earlier at 3:10, BlackYak Founder and CEO Kang, who started the company as a mountaineer, invited 2 other VIP guests on stage. The first one, the older mountaineer, is Um Hong Gil, who so affectionately patted Seunggi and called him over again… when the press were waiting to take photos lol… to pat him again and compliment him^^ See press clips below~)

VIP guest and notable South Korean mountaineer/climber Um Hong Gil (inspiration behind the Korean movie ‘The Himalayas’), showing lots of love for new BlackYak endorsement model Lee Seunggi💕

(video: ETLSG / topstarnews)

(video: stardailynews)

(video: BridgeEconomy)

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