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[ENG] 3.30.2018 CJ Movie Movie – ‘Nation’s Grandpa’ Actor Lee SoonJae Talks His Favorite Hoobaes… Still Lee Seunggi & Ha Jiwon

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3.30.2018 CJ Movie Movie – Lee Soon Jae Interview
English: LSGfan, Video: 뭅뭅 – 영화를 더 재밌게

(starts at 5:18~6:20)

Q: Lee Soon Jae’s Pick – Favorite Hoobae (Industry Junior)

LeeSoonJae: This doesn’t mean favorite hoobae is just one person. Working on a filming set, this is something I always sense… I look at their stance on the filming set. ‘That friend really works hard’~ there are friends I see and I think that. I tell them~ ‘Always do it that way’ and what I mean by that is~ ‘Always do an actor’s work.’ I’m not talking about making a lot of money but meaning, become a true authentic actor. And there are a few actors I would recommend like this.

From ‘Beethoven’s Virus’ Kim Myungmin. Before we are about to shoot, he is right on time standing by and he’s also studied taking direction a lot. And doesn’t have script line NGs. Made me think~ ‘This is no ordinary friend.’

Trustworthy and people you want to do well… ‘The King 2 Hearts’ Seunggi, Ha Jiwon. It was an incredibly cold winter during ‘The King 2 Hearts’ filming. The studio was so cold, that you shivered even despite wearing two layers of long johns. Although we were freezing to death and even despite wearing thin clothing, there wasn’t a single complaint and they were filming enthusiastically. And I thought~ ‘Ah!! That’s it’ and they were favorable to me.

Awwww beloved ‘Nation’s Grandpa’ Lee Soon Jae (83 years old) still naming Seunggi, Jiwon (and Kim Myungmin) as his fave hoobae actors even now, 5 years after he mentioned them in a 2013 ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ interview following wrap-up on ‘The King 2 Hearts’ ^^

[ENG] Grandpas over Flowers – Lee SoonJae’s fave juniors: Lee Seunggi, Ha Jiwon, Lee Byunghun, Kim Myungmin

On a sort of related note– Earlier in the CJ Movie Movie interview, Lee Soon Jae was asked to choose between Na PD and Lee Seojin. He eventually hose Na PD ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

It’s really cute and touching how Lee Soon Jae affectionately referred to Seunggi as just ‘Seunggi’ ^^

Lee Soon Jae is well-known for favoring hard-working hoobaes (well, along with the rest of Korea lol) and at the same time, equally well-known for publicly speaking his mind on the questionable work ethic of hoobaes he’s not too fond of lol.

The clip is also posted at CJmoviemovie facebook.
Talk about his fave hoobaes at 1:15 ~ 2:15.

FYI note: It’s well-documented that Lee Seunggi’s been passionate and enthusiastic on drama filming sets (on any project be it drama, movie, variety, music, cf, etc…) since way back when^^ It’s not something new with Hwayugi or with his most recent actress partner ㅋㅋㅋㅋ as everyone knows^^

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