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[ENG] 3.29.2018 Lee Seunggi’s Congratulatory Message for Cho Yong Pil’s 50th Debut Anniversary

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3.29.2018 Cho Yong Pil “50 & 50 People” – Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan, Video: ChoYongPilOfficial

Seunggi: Hello, I am singer Lee Seunggi.

[Ballad Prince Lee Seunggi x King of Singing Cho Yongpil]

[Hoobae (Industry Junior) Lee Seunggi on Cho Yongpil’s 50th Debut Anniversary]

Seunggi: Personally, as a Korean singer and a hoobae, I feel thankful.

[#HoobaeDream #Vision #Honor #Thankful]

Seunggi: For 50 years, to take good care of himself, his voice, and continually seeking out his own voice. Seeing those things, I think it’s very precious that there’s a sunbae singer like that, a singer like Cho Yongpil in Korea.

[Korean song’s treasure, Cho Yongpil]

Seunggi: Teacher Cho Yongpil really is Korean song’s treasure. I want to express that he is Korean music’s treasure.

[Reason you can’t help but to respect]

Seunggi: A huskiness and strength particular to him, the power from that voice is very charismatic. Whoever listens to Teacher’s voice would say~ Ah this is Cho Yongpil’s voice. You can sense his color; it is intense and strong. And like in the case of his last released album, Bounce, that this kind of music genre could be digested like this… seeing him always evolving and working hard is a big motivation for hoobaes.

[BGM / Lee Seunggi Remake ‘Let’s Go On Vacation’]

[In 2008, in remaking Cho Yongpil’s song ‘Let’s Go On Vacation,’ their connection began]

(footage from SBS Special where Seunggi interviewed Cho Yongpil)

[Music. Life. Dreams. Conversation shared in Sunbae-Hoobae friendship]

[Respect for the Master of Songs Cho Yongpil]

PD: If you were to do a duet with Cho Yongpil?

Seunggi: Wow if that kind of opportunity were to happen, it would be such an honor and my heart flutters just thinking about it. If I were to do a stage with Sunbae-nim, just preparing alone could take more than 3 monthsㅋㅋㅋ as he has that kind of aura. Honestly, since it’s difficult for hoobaes to meet him on music programs, as there is a veil of mystique about him, so if there was to be the honor of taking the stage together, I definitely want to do it.

Seunggi: Teacher~ For being with us for 50 years as an awesome musician and singer… Thank You Cho Yongpil.

Cho Yong Pil and his agency, Insight Entertainment, are counting down the days to his 50th debut anniversary with a special event called ’50 & 50 People.’ Looks like the messages will be from stars who’ve had some connection to Cho Yongpil or have been influenced by him. So far…

1. Ahn Sungki, actor
2. Taeyang, singer
3. Yoo Jaesuk, mc
4. Lee Seojin, actor
5. Yoo Heeyeol, singer
6. Lee Seunggi, singer-actor

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  1. Thank you! I’ve translated it into Hungarian for Hungarian fans.

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