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[ENG] 3.7.2018 CUKCOO 40th Anniversary Gala Interview with Global Ambassador Lee Seunggi

Read English translation…

3.7.2018 CUKCOO 40th Anniversary Gala Interview with Global Ambassador Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan, Video: BisnisCom Video Reporter

MCs: We have here Indonesians, Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia. Shall we invite you greet every fan from these countries, respectively? First of all Indonesia.

Seunggi: Thank you for coming here~ (Seunggi waves to each of the country groups^^)

MCs: Hi Seunggi oppa~ why did you accept the invitation to become the Brand Ambassador for CUCKOO again?

Seunggi: I was connected with CUCKOO before I left for the army, and thankfully, after I finished my military service, I’m very happy that this connection was established again. And actually, what Koreans use the most is CUCKOO. So for me, I’m very thankful. (ok the translator’s version is not spot-on, but sounds good^^)

MCs: I believe you’re quite familiar with CUCKOO’s products. Could you tell us which is your favorite product?

Seunggi: Well, they’re all great, but definitely, the rice cooker is the best.

MCs: Why?

Seunggi: First off, I really like rice so it’s an essential item you can’t go without.

MCs: We would like to know, since you’re an all-around artist, do you know how to cook?

Seunggi: (in English on cue, charming everyone~^^) Of course.

MCs: Can we know who’s the lucky one? The one who has tried your dishes before?

Seunggi: Ahhh well that’s…

Audience member: Girlfriend~

Seunggi: Girlfriend? ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll leave it as a secret.

MCs: Seunggi-shi, what similarities have you noticed between you and CUCKOO?

Seunggi: Hmmm similarity… well CUCKOO and myself, the overall image is something Koreans love and can’t do without… that sort of presence~ (ha Seunggi self-complimenting himself lol hey but it’s the truth about their images!)

MCs: Seunggi-shi, any tips you can share with us for staying healthy?

Seunggi: I exercise a lot and my way of health is to typically not over-eat.

MCs: Seunggi-shi, the hit drama A Korean Odyssey just ended last week and everyone here was talking about it. Can you share any memorable scenes or moment?

Seunggi: (breaking out in English again~^^) Did you see it~ my drama?

MCs: Yes!

Seunggi: First off, I’m really shocked. That people [abroad] were watching it in real-time like that. Many people would indicate various scenes, but I think the kiss scenes were probably most memorable.

MCs: Seunggi-shi, we noticed that you can’t stop sharing about your military life on TV programs (ㅋㅋㅋ Seunggi’s chuckling reaction!) like on All the Butlers. Can you share with us 1 or 2 interesting stories about your military life?

Seunggi: Me talking a lot about the army, has that spread to Malaysia too? I have a lot of great memories, but since I served in the Special Forces, there’s something called The Long Distance March which is 400 km and you carry your equipment.

I love Seunggi’s tone and diction when he speaks English!!!

Hope more footage will be released later on.

40th Anniversary Gala Event highlight

(video: ETLSG)

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