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[ENG] 2.12.2018 Lee Seunggi & Kim Yuna’s Musical – Behind-the-Scenes KB Bank Digital Finance CF Making Film

Read English translation…

2.12.2018 Lee Seunggi & Kim Yuna’s Musical – Behind-the-Scenes KB Bank Digital Finance CF Making Film
English: LSGfan, Video: KB Bank

[Kyeonggi-do Gwangju CMPARK Studio]

[My Seunggi, Your Seunggi, Our Seunggi has returned]

[Returning as a man Seunggi]

Seunggi: I’m really happy to meet you after a long time. And continuing forward, it would be great to meet all of you for an even longer time as a KB face.

[Forever goddess Yuna appears]

Yuna: It’s already now the 11th year together with KB and I think of it thankfully and as an honor.

[Nation’s siblings Seunggi and Yuna~ meeting again through CF for KB!]

Seunggi: Always by your side~
Yuna: Even closer~
Seunggi-Yuna: KB Bank!

[Happy Digital Day – Making Film]

[The main points of today’s filming with Seunggi and Yuna?  A high aim of one-take filming!]

Yuna: Seems we should practice~
Seunggi: Yuna-shi can do it right away.

(Seunggi goes through his part and choreographed steps~^^)

[Timing, gestures, movement, everything has to be perfect to get the OK cut]

(Then Yuna does her part and choreographed steps~^^)

[That’s why practicing the practice is necessary!]

[Pretty while this is happening. Pretty while waving]

Q: The dancing, isn’t it hard?
Yuna: It’s more like rhythmic moves than dancing so fortunately, it doesn’t seem hard. I think it’ll be harder when everyone has to film together. Since we have to match together. Please anticipate it!

[Action! Directly singing and dancing for this filming, Seunggi & Yuna]

[Safely getting through Seunggi’s filming]

[Then how about for Yuna?]

[Missing the movement NG! Missing the beat NG! While taking the snapshot NG! Dropping the mobile phone NG!]

Director: It’s okay~ You were really startled, right?

[Action! Starting again with Seunggi’s filming.]

[Just like a musical, Seunggi’s acting!]

[The one-take continues on with Yuna’s scene]

[Cut! Production crew clap with admiration!]

[Now continuing on with the ensemble filming]

[It’s a new start. Can they finish well?]

[The ensemble filming starts and we thought we had safely finished well… NG!]

Seunggi: Ah I left my mobile phone over there! (Yuna cracking up^^)

[Cut! NG again!]

Seunggi (to Yuna): I first heard it myself~ (Yuna cracking up^^)

[SOS. Ultimately 1:1 personal lesson] (Awww Seunggi^^)

[Filming starts again]

Yuna: Please send Seunggi oppa $20~

[Can they be successful this time?]

[It seems okay…?]

Director: Cut! We’ll do it one more time and finish up! (Seunggi and Yuna’s reaction laughing and cracking up in response… so cute.)

[Darn it the mobile phone! This time, Yuna’s mistake!] (She had filmed this time without the phone, just like Seunggi before!)

Seunggi: Director is liking it! (Yuna cracking up^^)

[This is what you call dance hell!]

[Earnestly time to leave work~ this time have to really do a good job!]

[At the end, ensemble dance wraps with no NG!]

[Confident content Seunggi’s expression!]

[Please tell us it’s an OK!]

[Cut! The director’s heart is happy!]

[Wow~!!] (Seunggi and Yuna legit cheering smiling at this!!^^)

(they all monitor the filmed take~)

Seunggi: [Self-admiration] It’s perfect! Ah~~~

[The musical that Seunggi and Yuna made together… to be revealed!]

Seunggi: I hope even more people will be together with our KB in 2018 and I hope all of you will be healthy and have a happy new year!

Yuna: The weather is so cold, please everyone be careful of getting a cold and I hope the new year will be filled with happiness. Happy new year!

Seunggi: The finance you dreamed of..
Yuna: KB Digital Finance.
Seunggi-Yuna: Please show a lot of love!

[KB Finance Happy Digital Day CF]

Seunggi: When you wake up, the first thing you do is happily open LIIV.

[Meticulous manager of my life. LIIV Calendar]

Seunggi: Leisurely, enjoy the busy day, now it’s KB Digital Finance.

[Authorization without your card. LIIV Bank Payer]

Yuna: In the breezy morning, when you’re leisurely getting ready and suddenly you remember something you’ve been putting off~ take care of it with one shot.

[Screenshot, pay your utility bill. KB Star Shot]

Seunggi: Meeting friends you haven’t seen in a while and when I want to pay for the meal~

Yuna: Just use audible LIIV tok tok~ Send Seunggi oppa 20,000 won^^

All: For financial matters, together with KB Digital Finance, such a great mood when everyone is just simply using it~ now it’s KB Digital Finance.

Seunggi: Always by your side~
Yuna: Even closer~
Seunggi-Yuna: KB Bank! 

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  1. Thanks for your hard work, for your translation. I used it to make the Hungarian version, with a note that the English is made by you.

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