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[ENG] 1.31.2018 Lee Seunggi & Kim Yuna – Musical KB Bank Digital Finance CF ‘Always By Your Side, Even Closer’

Read English translation…

1.31.2018 Lee Seunggi & Kim Yuna – Musical KB Bank Digital Finance CF ‘Always By Your Side, Even Closer’
English: LSGfan, Video: KB Bank

[Happy Digital Day]

Seunggi: When you wake up, the first thing you do is happily open LIIV.

[Meticulous manager of my life. LIIV Calendar]

Seunggi: Leisurely, enjoy the busy day, now it’s KB Digital Finance.

[Authorization without your card. LIIV Bank Payer]

Yuna: In the breezy morning, when you’re leisurely getting ready and suddenly you remember something you’ve been putting off~ take care of it with one shot.

[Screenshot, pay your utility bill. KB Star Shot]

Seunggi: Meeting friends you haven’t seen in a while and when I want to pay for the meal~

Yuna: Just use audible LIIV tok tok~ Send Seunggi oppa 20,000 won^^

All: For financial matters, together with KB Digital Finance, such a great mood when everyone is just simply using it~ now it’s KB Digital Finance.

Seunggi: Always by your side~

Yuna: Even closer~

Seunggi&Yuna: KB Bank!

This is such an effective advertising campaign!  Listening to Seunggi and Yuna smile and sweetly sing about how happy and easy your day can be with KB Digital Finance… I was like~ sign me up!

It’s hard to believe how long they’ve been doing KB Financial Group brand CFs together… since 2009! (Yuna, a few years longer than that).  Like the descriptor KB uses for them~ ‘Nation’s Siblings’ — Seunggi and Yuna really convey that family and close feeling to consumers.

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  1. Music as the say, has been a universal language. Keep it up and updated with goods songs for us. Release the music video also.

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