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[ENG] 3.19.2018 SBS – Very Busy Singer-Actor Lee Seunggi Wants to Release Album This Year… If Things Work Out

Read English translation…

March 19, 2018 – SBS Good Morning Entertainment
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Singer and Actor Lee Seunggi is super busy these days.

Following his discharge from the army on October 31st of last year, Lee Seunggi has taken over drama and variety, even movies.  With all of these being received favorably by the general public, he is enjoying great results.

Although upon being discharged, Lee Seunggi joked that he would be active on TV broadcasts until fans get tired of him, he recently expressed with a chuckle that he didn’t realize he would be active to this extent.

He is said to have not rested even one day since his discharge from the army. Recently, Lee Seunggi said that although it can be exhausting with everything going on, his stamina is able to digest everything due to all the good energy he accumulated while he was in the army.

Regarding the release of a new album, Lee Seunggi said that his heart wants to put out an album this year, but he doesn’t know how things will work out and that he needs to start by managing and taking care of his vocals first.

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