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[ENG] 2.15.2018 OBS – Lee Seunggi is the #1 Star Most Wanted As Son-In-Law

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Feb. 15, 2018 OBS – Most Wanted Star Daughters-in-Law and Sons-In-Law
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Is there a daughter-in-law, son-in-law like this somewhere~?!

Best 3 male and female stars people want to be introduced to [Lunar New Year Special]

Receiving the honor of being the #1 Most Wanted Son-In-Law Star, the original Uhm-Chin-Ah who has returned~ Lee Seunggi!

(footage from Seunggi’s army discharge day^^ Seunggi: From rumors of Lee Seunggi never leaving the army, him not being discharged, there was a lot of talk. I’m thankful that people were waiting for me to that extent~)

Around the same time of his discharge from the army, coming back through film, drama, and variety with busy schedules~

(footage from Hwayugi press conference^^ Seunggi: Wondering whether that sense was lost after being in the army… as it’s my 13th or 14th year as an entertainer, I feel that my body is finding its rhythm.)

Culture Critic KimSungSoo: The army image he amassed remained and carried over into into his acting; breaking through his previous boyish handsome image, he came out appearing as a real man [in Hwayugi]. And in doing that, he succeeded in his return.

Uhm-Chin-Ah image and even real man charms is the assessment!

Shaman BaekHwaShin: You can say he has a happily bright and humorous personality. I’m getting strong vibes that he will continue to be beloved, receiving a lot of love hereon.

In the movie ‘GoongHap,’ playing the role of a genius reader, Lee Seunggi was said to have studied related material a lot.

(footage from GoongHap press conference^^Seunggi: In order to understand what sajoo, fortune is all about, I personally visited a lot of sajoo readers to see how they do this in real life.)

Lee Seunggi~ we hope you will continue to be full of luck in all that you do!

To the Most Wanted Daughter-in-Law and Son-In-Law Stars~ we’ll be anticipating your awesome activities!


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