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[ENG] 12.15.2017 NOBLE Coffee CF Interview – ‘Questions Flustering Even 10-yrs Variety Experienced Lee Seunggi’

Read English translation…

Dec. 15, 2017  NOBLE Coffee CF Interview – ‘Questions Flustering Even 10-yrs Variety Experienced Lee Seunggi’
English: LSGfan, Video: 일동후디스

[Obstinate Noble Interview]

[The star of today’s interview is? | Lee Seunggi!]

[Interview explanation | 1. Resisting openly]
Q: Seunggi-shi~ Kkanari or Coffee?
LSG: Coffee.
Q: Ok, got it!
LSG: What was that?
[Thrown into confusion]

[That’s… a wrap]
LSG: Delicious~ Enjoy good coffee.
[Seunggi diligently filming!]

[Preferred coffee bean name?]
Q: Just a second~! Gorbachev or Yirgacheffe Koke?
LSG: Yirgacheffe Koke.
Q: Okay~
[What is this…]
LSG: Speedy and good.^^

[Was Seunggi flustered…?^^;;]

[Want to take care of more from hereon?]
Q: Seunggi-shi~ [Taken aback!!] Girlgroups or Gungang (건강=Health)?
[This question is a bit;;;]
LSG: Health.
Q: Yes~ thank you.

LSG: Cup coffee too~ is NOBLE of course.
[Going back to filming is Seunggi!]
[Seunggi taking in a momentary break…]

[What’s better for your health?]
Q: Mr. Bean or Green bean?
LSG: Green bean.
Q: Okay~

[Finally filming ends]

[Last question. Name of the coffee you like?]
Q: This is the last question.
LSG: Ahhh you’re really enjoying this~ I think I know the answer! NOBLE NOBLE NOBLE NOBLE~
Q: What was that…

[Healthy Signature Coffee NOBLE]

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