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[ENG] 11.15.2017 Lee Seunggi Mentions Comeback Project ‘Hwayugi’ at AAA Post-Interview

Read English translation…

Nov. 15, 2017 – AAA Interview with Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan, Video: STARNEWS KOREA

(Sit-down interview comments~ looks may have been done immediately before or after the red carpet, based on what he’s wearing^^)

Seunggi: Returning again, I’m Lee Seunggi. Due to StarNews fans, I feel I was able to attend AAA today. Thank you. As this is my first public event in a long time so it still feels a bit awkward and I haven’t fully adapted yet… However, I’ll try to adapt quickly and I sincerely thank you for greeting me.

(this time… Stand-up interview comments @ 0:55~^^ this was probably done immediately after heading out after his speech… based on his (much improved!!) attire when he returned to the AAA^^)

Seunggi:  I’ll take you giving me this award, to mean a lot of anticipation and a lot of love. For welcoming my return in such a big way…really thank you. I’ll work hard to meet your expectations. I’ll plan to greet you through my next project ‘Hwayugi.’ Thank you. (wonder if they did this interview because Seunggi forgot to mention his Hwayugi project during his speech… I mean that was probably the main reason he attended!^^)

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