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11.23.2017 StarNews Interview with Recently Discharged Singer and Actor Lee Seunggi


I translated this 3-part article since no one had translated it yet, and it is one of the interviews Seunggi did following his military discharge.

November 23, 2017 – StarNews Interview with Recently Discharged Singer and Actor Lee Seunggi | Reporter Kim Mihwa

English translation: LSGfan

The extent to which the entire nation was awaiting singer and actor Lee Seunggi (30), he has completed his military service and returned.

Immediately after his October 31st military discharge, his casting news was officially announced for tvN’s new upcoming drama ‘Hwayugi’ (directed by Park Hongkyun, written by the Hong Sisters, produced by Studio Dragon and JS Pictures) and he is in full bloom currently filming his drama.  There are also discussions that he’ll be participating in a new SBS variety program early next year, thus full vitality activities are being forecast.

With full-scale broadcast participation coming up, Lee Seunggi made his first official public appearance at the ‘2017 Asia Artist Awards’ (2017 AAA).

Lee Seunggi, appearing on the red carpet more manly and receiving a hot spotlight more than any other, his return was revealed.  Receiving the ‘AAA Best Welcome Award,’ he received a big greeting.

Lee Seunggi revving up the engine immediately following military discharge, StarNews personally met and interviewed him.  Much more manly and built, he greeted this reporter.  From soldier to civilian, and also returning as an entertainer, these are his thoughts.


Lee Seunggi “Ministry of National Defense Clock Goes by Quickly… Feel Bashful but Thankful for the ‘Welcome Award'” (Interview Part ①)

Q:  You made your first official public appearance at the ‘2017 AAA.’  I’m curious about your thoughts on doing the red carpet after a long time and attending the awards ceremony.

▶Seunggi:  I’m quickly adjusting after being discharged from the military.  After standing on the red carpet after a long time, I didn’t really know where to look.  As of yet, I think I need to adapt a bit more.  During the 1st AAA, I was a soldier.  I was happy I could attend the AAA like this immediately after being discharged from the military.

Q:  You won the Best Welcome Award at the ‘2017 AAA.’  It is an award that was given by audiences greeting Lee Seunggi.  Your acceptance speech was very memorable.

▶Seunggi:  I feel bashful.  I haven’t done anything, but for them to create an award like this, I am thankful.  If you are a man in Korea, military service is an expected duty required of everyone, so to be greeted like this and assessed in a good way for returning after completing an expected duty is something to be merely thankful for.  I will work hard to show forth good activities to match the expectations set for me.

Q:  There were a lot of people saying ‘Why does Lee Seunggi’s military discharge seem to be so late.’  This means you were awaited for this much.  I feel it’s because of the intimately familiar image of Lee Seunggi the person, what do you think about this?

▶Seunggi:  The Ministry of Defense’s daily clock just didn’t seem to pass, but 1 year went by so quickly. (laughter).  It was fast after that passed, and I felt I really had a great experience.  It felt as if I overcame limitations I couldn’t have done just within society, but only in the army.  In addition, I was able to reflect deeply about things within an environment called the army, and because it became an opportunity for me to grow and develop, it was very special and great.


Lee Seunggi “Meeting Cha Seungwon Again for ‘Hwayugi’… Nervous Excitement” (Interview Part ②)

Q: You started filming for tvN drama ‘Hwayugi’ immediately after your military discharge.  Were you able to adapt on the filming set?  I’m also curious about your thoughts on filming a drama after a long time.

▶ Seunggi:  First off, I was really nervously excited.  Since I was coming back to the filming set after a long time, I even worried~ won’t I be inconveniencing others, or what will happen if I can’t fully do my part.  Fortunately, I was able to adapt quickly and am working hard.  As it is work I’ve been doing for 13 years, there were things my body was acclimated to.  I’ve found that that the things you’re used to doing don’t easily go away.

Q: Following 2014 SBS ‘You’re All Surrounded,’ you’re meeting up with Cha Seungwon after 3 years.  How was it meeting up again?

▶Seunggi:  At the drama reading with (Cha Seungwon) Hyung, I was really happy to see him and it was fun.  In particular, I think ‘Hwayugi’ is a project that is brought to life most by ‘we want to see this kind of thing’ if Cha Seungwon and Lee Seunggi, Lee Seunggi and Cha Seungwon were to meet.  If the previous project ‘You’re All Surrounded’ had a serious and darker feel, it’s completely a different feel this time and I think viewers will watch with even more excited interest.

Q:  Not actor Lee Seunggi, but variety personality Lee Seunggi and singer Lee Seunggi… curious about plans for these too.

▶Seunggi:  Since I’m currently filming a drama, nothing has been decided on a concrete comeback as a variety personality or a singer.  I plan to work hard to prepare on my end as early as possible so I can show these things.  Once my body gets used to the conditions and if time is available, at the best, I want to try to do many things.

Q:  Not only your activities as an entertainer, but Lee Seunggi is known as an actor who also studies a whole lot.  Not as Lee Seunggi the actor or singer, but what is the goal Lee Seunggi the person aspires to?

▶Seunggi:  I’ve come to recognize that aside from those things you sense while active as an entertainer, a person can learn and mature through a lot of various experiences.  The precious encounters and experiences I met in the army, and the relationships like my family and the people around me are immensely important to me.  I am thinking about what is it I can do together and show beyond the preexisting points of view and perspectives I have held.


Lee Seunggi “Join ‘New Journey to the West?’  There Was No Suggestion from Na PD” (Interview Part ③)

Q:  There’s been a lot of interest as to whether Lee Seunggi will join tvN variety program ‘New Journey to the West’ which you participated in prior to enlisting for military service. Do you think about joining again?

▶Seunggi:  I’m still close with ‘New Journey to the West’ Na PD and also the members.  Even though we don’t contact each other often, it always exists in our hearts.  There appears to be a lot of people who are curious and ask about my comeback to ‘New Journey to the West.’  Actually, there hasn’t been a particular suggestion from (Na) Youngseok hyung.  There hasn’t been any talk about wanting me to join again.

Q:  There were a lot of people who were anticipating that Na Youngseok PD would kidnap Lee Seunggi on the day he was discharged from the military.

▶Seunggi:  I fully understand why there isn’t some sort of particular offer to me.  Although I participated together in the start of ‘New Journey to the West,’ after that, a new system was cultivated with new members over several seasons.  I don’t think that using the Lee Seunggi card would certainly equate to a positive effect in an already newly created ‘New Journey to the West.’

Q:  If in the case you were to have received an offer from Na PD, would you have participated again?

▶Seunggi: I think I would have worried about various things.  A lot of people would have wanted me to join ‘New Journey to the West’ but I’m sorry I wasn’t able to meet those expectations.  However, I will show a good side of myself through a good program, so it would be good to anticipate this.

Q:  Your busy walk of life is continuing after your discharge from the military, and the 2017 year is already coming to an end.  What are you plans for next year?

▶Seunggi:  There are no special or huge plans.  I want to be able to move people and give vitality to a lot of people through activities I can do as an entertainer according to my abilities.  Whether it’s through drama, music, or variety, I feel it’s an entertainer’s natural duty to provide enjoyment and sentimental feelings.

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  1. Thank you very much <3

  2. Thank you!

  3. Hi there, I am a new fan of Lee Seung Gi. Thank you very much for creating this blog and sharing a lot of things about our inspirational Lee Seung Gi. I’m really glad to find this blog and learn everything about him. I started to love him as an actor in MGIG, but officially fangirl him after I know him as also a singer and a host/variety entertainer. He is truly amazing so it’s even more difficult to not love him. ;)

  4. hes the best ever <3 perfect= lee seung gi

  5. I fell in love with Lee seungi after watching his drama, my girlfriend is a gumiho. His character was charming and hard to resist. Especially his smiles!! They are extraordinary!
    Love u, OPPA! FIGHTING!

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