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[ENG] Lee Seunggi for Dec. 2017 @ star1 Magazine Fashion Shoot Sketch

Read English translation of video description from @ star1…

Lee Seunggi for Dec. 2017 @ star1 Magazine Fashion Shoot Sketch
English: LSGfan, Video: @star1 via Naver TV

[Still/As Ever Seunggi]

Lee Seunggi (30) has really returned as a man. We have watched the fresh-faced boy who ardently cried out “Because You’re My Woman” become a dapper young adult standing out on top as a strong substantial actor.  This young adult with a lot of ambitions didn’t stop with just being a singer and actor, but even went out and enjoyed variety as refreshing characteristics radiating from Lee Seunggi the person were revealed. 

Having crisscrossed and played all over broadcast tv, Lee Seunggi enlisted for military service and then completed his exemplary Special Forces army life ‘nicely.’  Meeting Lee Seunggi after a long time, his face reflected the distinctly sharp muscular lines of a broad man, and his ways and thoughts had become more firmly solid.

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