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[ENG] 11.3.2017 TV Chosun – ‘We Were Waiting for Lee Seunggi’… Special Forces Uniform Badges/Training

Read English translation…

Nov. 3, 2017 – TV Chosun, Reporting Headquarters Hot Line
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Host:  The final hot news keyword is… #WeWereWaitingForYou.  On the 31st of last month, singer and actor Lee Seunggi was finally discharged from military service.  Yesterday on his fan cafe, he wrote that army life wasn’t that easy.

Reporter:  Yes, following Lee Seunggi’s enlistment at the Nonsan Military Training Center last year in February, he was honorably discharged from the army Black Panther brigade on October 31st.  The love from fans has always been impressive and he shared his thoughts about army life on his fan cafe, writing that during his first military training, he lying down side by side with comrades 10 years younger than him with no clear thoughts in his head.

Host: He is just as he was.

Reporter-1:  And with the Special Forces involving airborne training and other difficult training, he thought he wouldn’t be able to do a good job since he had a severe fear of heights, and that he even considered finding out about other brigade assignment locations.  However, he was determined and after conquering his fears, he shared that he was even nervously excited when he was high up above the water for his later trainings. He also shared that upon reflecting on his time in the army, he learned that who you’re doing something with is more important than what you are doing, showing his maturity.

Reporter-1:  Lee Seunggi’s agency posted his military service completion summary document and it included recruit training – outstanding, and there are marks throughout indicating his successful completions for each of his examinations. You can tell how hard he worked based on this. Those who were by Lee Seunggi’s side during this time assessed him this way~ He trained sincerely and harder than anyone and is a strong world class warrior.

Panel: Wow~~~~~~ (speechless yes we all have been too^^)

Reporter-2:  Lee Seunggi did such a great job in his army life that people were saying… Is he planning to stay in the army for life?  He could do the army as a career!  Well, we got to hear how he himself felt about this.

LSG:  I feel like I’ve come out having gathered a lot of energy for 1 year and 9 months. I received great energy from the Special Forces, and with that energy, the lessons learned, I will prepare to work hard to greet you quickly… From rumored theories of Lee Seunggi staying in the army to he’s not discharging~ there were a lot of sayings, but I’m thankful for that extent of waiting. I will prepare and work hard to meet that expectation. Thank you.

Host:  His military discipline habits probably haven’t subsided yet since he had just been dischargedㅋㅋㅋ Seeing that he served well, I’m really curious as to what kind of training Special Forces soldier Lee Seunggi went through.

Reporter-2:  When you say Special Forces, the most well-known aspect is airborne training.  And he definitely completed that training.  Atop a plane and helicopter, you go through parachute trainings from high altitudes up to 800m. Also for the Special Forces, they also go through severe winter training to prepare for combat in cold snowy weather.  And they also walk 400km for over 10 days each year… called the Long Distance March, this is also something that can’t be left out for the Special Forces.  Aside from these, there are other trainings too, but there’s a lot of jumping from the sky aspects to the Special Forces. In the case of Lee Seunggi, it was revealed that he has a acrophobia (severe fear of heights).  And even in one variety program, he said that he could not bungee jump for the life of him. However he conquered all of that in the Special Forces and has returned to the public as a manly Special Forces military service alum.

Host:  I don’t know if it’s due to all his trainings, but if you look at Lee Seunggi’s military uniform, but there are a lot of badges!  Why don’t you explain this to us.

Reporter-3:  Lee Seunggi has 11 patches on his uniform.

Host:  Wow, 11!

Reporter-3:  Now there are given ones like the flag, name identification patches, etc. I’ll explain the others.  Special Forces patch– there’s multiple facets to this and it means you can be involved a range of Special Forces activities.  Back Panther Brigade patch– the Black Panther brigade is a key brigade involved in strategic preparations tied to dealing with North Korea.  Airborne badge– this is something only a person who has successfully completed airborne training in the Special Forces can wear.  Special Forces Combat Soldier badge– the Long Distance March, that’s 400km… this patch is given to those who successfully complete that.  Special Class Warrior patch– this is something only someone who has demonstrated outstanding performance in various stamina exercises can receive.  And this is most important, the Homeland Reserve Forces patch, the badge all soldiers want to wear!

Host:  When you look at this photo… there are folks who put on a lot badges. Like, even if you haven’t parachuted.  Someone who was in the army came in wearing a Marines badge so there are people who’ve been caught doing stuff like that!  So, you hear that Lee Seunggi won’t be resting and plans to comeback soon?

Reporter-1:  Yes, his proclamation is impressive. He wrote that he’d show his face until fans get sick of him and because he has gathered a lot of energy during his military service, that he plans to actively world hard.  Lee Seunggi… variety, drama, even music… he’s really been an multi-player entertainer.  For his comeback project, he’s reviewing the Hong Sisters’ upcoming tvN drama ‘Hwayugi.’ (ㅋㅋㅋexcited reaction from the men lol)

Reporter-4:  Seems it’ll be daebak!

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