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[ENG] 10.31.2017 Lee Seunggi’s Military Discharge Day – Press/Reporters Q & A

Read English translation…

Oct. 31, 2017 – Press/Reporters Q & A, Lee Seunggi’s Military Discharge
English: LSGfan, Video: Vstar

[2017.10.31 Lee Seunggi’s discharge from military service. A certain armed-forces brigade in Choong-Bok Jeung-pyeong.]

LSG: Loyalty/Salute!  Thank you so much.

Reporters: Face the front one more time please!

Manager: I’ll hold these so you can do the interview.

Reporters: Face the front one more time please!  Take one step back please! (Seunggi gives them what they want and provides a few more totally perfect-form salutes^^).

R: Seunggi-shi~ now you’ve been discharged, please briefly greet the fans!

LSG: It’s cold out… thank you so much for coming to this far place… (Reporters be like ok enough, we have questions for you lol).  A time that I thought would never come has come, so thank you~ (Seunggi knows how to do finger heart now^^)

R: What kind of dream did you have last night?  Did you sleep well?

LSG:  I thought I’d sleep well but I didn’t sleep as well as I had thought and woke up early.  You could call it a nervous excitement about being discharged?  More than anything, spending time wrapping things up with people in my squad and saying goodbye continually felt somewhat sad and short, so therefore I don’t think I slept that well.

R: You typically haven’t been able to ride the Viking (roller coaster) well, but you became a Special Forces soldier! What was the best part of army life and the hardest?  Please share one each.

LSG: When I first received word that I’d been assigned to the Special Forces, I was really shocked. And also taken aback. I wondered a lot if I could do well. Ultimately, after arriving here, like our Brigade’s motto, ‘Make the Impossible Possible,’ everything was enjoyable and I was thankful.  Even in extreme situations, I feel I learned the secret to finding happiness.

R: Since when did it seem like time was not passing?

LSG: Huh~? (Seunggi’s reply and expression too cute!!!)

R: Since when did it seem like time was not passing?

LSG:  Time… After about 100 days… time really didn’t pass. (wahhhh that was only like 3 months in!) And with the final 48 hours countdown, seemed like time slowed down.

R: Did you expect this many fans to come out here today? (fans shout~ Yesssss!)

LSG:  On one hand, I thought it’d be great if you came here to congratulate me, but as it was cold starting from early morning for you to be waiting… and I heard from within our unit that you’d be putting up a lot of banners, so I felt bad and was worried you’d get a cold since it is cold outside. I heard there are also many fans who came here from abroad… I sincerely thank you all for congratulating me.

R: Coming back after so long, if there’s one thing you’re most worried about?

LSG: Well… I’ve come to love the army so much… (laughter from everyone~ not the answer they were expecting lol~) My army habits need to fall away quickly so I can live as an entertainer but… ㅋㅋㅋ I still wake up automatically at 7:30am even when I was on break. So it seems like that.

R: I’ll ask you just one question. Please tell us one thing you want to do now that you’re out and please share a few thoughts for viewers and fans.

LSG: Well… while you’re serving in the military, you think about when you get discharged, like~ What do you want to do?  When you discharge, it’ll be like this.  I imagined so many things and lived with nervous excitement, but ultimately with my discharge approaching and then being discharged… I have no thoughts. (whoa Seunggi is serious… awww but it’s making everyone chuckle because he’s being so honest and seems really a bit ‘maeng~’ rightfully so ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ)

LSG: Right now, at this time, having received my discharge order and with these attached [to my uniform], just greeting all of you like this, something about it doesn’t seem quite real to me. After going home and greeting my parents and with some degree of time passing, then I think this will feel more realistic to me.

LSG: Nevertheless, for 1 year and 9 months, due to your deep interest and sincerity, I was able to complete my military service without getting hurt and healthily. I feel like I’ve come out having gathered a lot of energy for 1 year and 9 months. I received great energy from the Special Forces, and with that energy, the lessons learned, I will prepare to work hard to greet you quickly.

LSG: Thank you so much to everyone who came here.  And before Lee Seunggi was discharged, from rumored theories of Lee Seunggi staying in the army (laughter ha that really was a widespread theory popping up everywhere!) to he’s not discharging~ there were a lot of sayings, but I’m thankful for that extent of waiting. I will prepare and work hard to meet that expectation. Thank you.

Manager: Let’s do a final greeting and if the reporters could step aside, we’ll have some time with the fans.

LSG: At this early time, thank you to the many reporters who came out.  It is always cold at our brigade, so despite the cold, thank you to all of you for coming out. I will plan to work hard. Thank you. Salute/Loyalty!

Again, welcome back Lee Seunggi~
you’re seriously an amazing and beautiful person!

2 Responses

  1. woww, at least i know now what he was saying, thank you so much!!!!

  2. Thank you very much for all translations! Glad it come out on weekend, so i have the time to read all your posts! His answers are still as sincere as ever.

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