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[ENG] 10.30.2017 Channel A – ‘Emperor Lee Seunggi’ is Returning… Tight Full Schedule Expected

Read English translation…

Oct. 30, 2017 – Channel A, Good Morning
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Host1:  This is the weather temperature in entertainment. First off, in today’s clear weather is singer and actor Lee Seunggi.  As his discharge from the army approaches tomorrow, the temperature is rising as the interest gets hotter.

Host2:  Makes me think Lee Seunggi conducted his army life well in an upstanding way just like his model and upstanding demeanor shown on broadcast programs.

R1:  You are correct.  The day we never thought would come is finally here.  He returns tomorrow.  Honestly, Lee Seunggi… drama, movie, album… it’s all waiting for him.

Host1:  He’s received a lot of love calls!

R1:  You know these days, they say there’s a moving story to Kang Haneul and Lee Seunggi has a moving story too.  The successors in his army unit give a thumbs up saying he was the best Squad Leader.  What that means is… there was a letter that was revealed. 

R1:  Lee Seunggi wrote this, ‘That hellish Long March… my feet were so messed up by the third day and when I couldn’t even put on my army boots, your outstretched arm was there for me.’  This is the letter he wrote to his successor.  He also wrote, ‘Since after writing to my parents from training, seeing that my first letter is to you… I realize that predecessor-successor relationship ties is not just some ordinary thing.’  Writing in this way, he expressed his heartfelt sentiment.  And this successor responded, of course, sharing, ‘Our Squad Leader is the best!’

Host1:  He did great job in his army life! 

Host2: And with actor Kim Soohyun or Lee Joon enlisting, the vacuum among these actor peers are increasing.  I’m anticipating whether Lee Seunggi can fill this.

R2:  Yes, as we mentioned before, Lee Seunggi already has a full tight schedule planned following discharge from the army.  First off, he’s confirmed in a certain cable drama called Hwayugi.  And the movie he filmed and completed prior to enlisting, the film release of GoongHap is approaching.  And Lee Seunggi participated in a lot of variety programs before so there’s a lot of lovecalls from the variety sector.  For now, his discharge is scheduled for October 31st at 9am.  Nothing grandiose is planned; just a simple expression of his feelings/thoughts and a greeting are expected.   

Host1:  I really envy him.  In my case, I worry that viewers may forget me if I don’t appear on this show for just one day!  But for 2 years wow~ Lee Seunggi~ please show an even more awesome side to fans.  Thank you.

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