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[ENG] SBS 10.26.2017 – Lee Seunggi Will be Discharged from the Army on October 31, 2017

Read English translation…

Oct. 26, 2017 – SBS Good Morning Entertainment
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Seunggi: I will diligently serve in the military, and upon fulfilling my service duty, I will return and engage in awesome activities so please wait until then.  Please watch for me.  I’ll work hard.

That was singer Lee Seunggi last year, appearing strongly in front of fans as he enlisted for the army and after completing a 21-month service in the army, Lee Seunggi will be returning to fans this October 31st.

Enlisting for the army in February of last year and then assigned to the Special Forces division, Lee Seunggi has been a model Squad Leader and has sincerely carried out his army life.

Lee Seunggi, who will soon be discharged~ what will your path be afterward? 

There will be no separate official event on the day of his discharge. He is expected to briefly share a greeting and his thoughts in front of his unit. Afterward, he is expected to be active in variety and other rumored projects.


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