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[ENG] 10.25.2017 Star News – Lee Seunggi to be Discharged from the Army on October 31

Read English translation…

Oct. 25, 2017 – Star News
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Host: There are welcome faces returning too.. and the one attracting the most attention is probably multi-entertainer Lee Seunggi. His discharge is right before us isn’t it?

R: Yes. Lee Seunggi, alone, compared to other male celebs… there are many people wondering why is his discharge taking so long. Lee Seunggi will be discharged on October 31st. Enlisting February 2016 at the Nonsan Military Training Center and then assigned to the Special Forces Black Panther Brigade, Lee Seunggi has been upstanding, selected as Squad Leader, faithfully carrying out his army life until now. Causing so many people to think~ when is finally going to discharge… he will be discharged this October 31st.

R: On top of that, with his Nation’s Singer and Multi-entertainer title, he now also has the honorable title of Special Forces Soldier & Entertainer.  Because of this, there’s a lot of interest and anticipation regarding Lee Seunggi’s activities following his army service. Even though he’s serving in the army, there’s been a lot of lovecalls from both drama and variety reps.

R: Currently, he is rumored to be the male lead in the Hong Sisters upcoming drama ‘Hwayugi.’ Cha Seungwon was confirmed for this project early on and if Lee Seunggi decides to take this on, this will be the second time these two will work together since the 2014 SBS drama ‘You’re all Surrounded.’ 

R: There’s major interest as to whether Lee Seunggi will choose ‘Hwayugi’ as his comeback project. More importantly, whatever project he chooses, the extent to which he was active as a multi-entertainer, fans and broadcast representative are waiting for October 31st to hurry up and come.

Host: Lee Seunggi will briefly greet fans when he is discharged this upcoming October 31st. Our Star News live broadcast promises to deliver this news to you quickly.

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