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[ENG] 10.22.2017 TV Chosun – October Military Service Report… Lee Seunggi Returns

Read English translation…

Oct. 22, 2017 – TV Chosun News Live
English: LSGfan, Video: TVCHOSUN 시사

Host: Kim Soohyun is enlisting, and on the other end, there’s also a celeb who is completing his army service and discharging soon. Singer Lee Seunggi will be returning to the general public’s side soon. We’ll delve into 1 or 2 fun stories. Professor Yeom, in the case of Lee Seunggi, I believe he’ll be discharging in 1-2 weeks. I read he’s a bit worried that his learned habits during army service will continue on… what does that mean?

ProfYeom: Lee Seunggi is well-known to be a celeb who has carried out his army life very faithfully. Now that he’s so used to army life, he was saying he’s worried about how he’ll transition to regular life once he returns. Like will his hand automatically go up in salute mode when greeting people, or will he be speaking in army accent even when he’s discharged. He has these kinds of concerns.

Host: He’s worried about all sorts of things isn’t he?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ProfYeom:  Yes, being discharged is great in itself isn’t it?! I did my military service with the Marines and when I was discharged, I too kept speaking in army accent out of habit. And in the army, when you eat, you put your left arm down and only use your right arm. And when I would eat with others, I felt like it’d be a big deal if I used my left arm… the after effects post-army service went on for quite a bit. And I think Lee Seunggi has those kinds of concerns.

Host: And Professor Lee, unlike other countries, these young adult celebs enlisting and being discharged from the military garners a lot of interest… what do you think of this?

ProfLee: There’s a sense of pride associated with this, but there’s also some downside too, right? Even if you’re not necessarily a celeb, but during your young-adult period — a time when you’re most lovely, blooming, smart — although serving in the army is very meaningful, you could be thinking ‘why should I have to do this?’ or have some discomfort about it.  However, despite all that, like Lee Seunggi will be returning soon.  All the noonas are waiting. Before enlisting, he filmed a movie called ‘GoongHap’ and because this movie will be released soon after his discharge, the noonas are very happy.

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