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[Interview Part 5 Final] HIM Military Culture Magazine, Oct. 2017 – Adieu, Special Forces Sergeant Lee Seunggi

[Interview Part 5 Final]

HIM (힘) Military Culture Magazine
October 2017 | Vol. 78
Adieu, Sergeant Lee Seung Gi
Special Forces Lee Seung Gi’s Last Present

English translation: LSGfan
Original Content:
HIM Magazine

# Message from Sergeant Lee Seunggi

*Note: There are 5 question-responses under this topic section in the magazine print version. The internet blog version does not list all the items. I wasn’t able to translate all of them since I don’t have clear readable images of the entire magazine interview version yet.

With your discharge approaching, do you feel sad about anything?

In a big way, a unit like the Army Special Forces; and in a small way, I’ve developed a lot of affection for my army unit successors, predecessors, and commissioned officers.  There was a lot of camaraderie and I feel sad thinking about having to part ways.  I think I will feel empty when we all of a sudden part ways, so I’m already preparing myself for it.  With all the joking around and talking my comrades and I did all day long, there was a sense of return to a child-like innocence, but when I leave them and go into society, won’t I have to return to being a mature adult?  I feel really sad about that.

Not-having-served-in-the-military Lee Seunggi versus Active-duty-military-service Lee Seunggi, if you were to explain the difference between these two persons in one word?

There’s an enormous difference.  It’s like being born versus not being born; the difference is that great.  Although there’s only a single word-character difference between the two, first off, there was a lot of growth.  Before I fulfilled my national defense duty, I felt burdened in whatever I did.  Now that I’ve brushed all of that aside, I developed a self-confidence and a sense of pride.  I’m also proud at having completed my army service with a particular army unit.  I want to conduct myself in an unblemished way until the very end.  I’m simply grateful to the Special Forces which has made for so many awesome anecdotes/episodes.

Finally, what would like to say to your comrades and all the soldiers serving in the military?

At this moment, many of the soldiers who may be reading this may look at me and say, ‘this dude is being discharged, I’m jealous.’  But time passes by equally.  When you think about it after time has passed, time will have passed by quickly.  Also, when you look back on it later on, I believe there will also be many fun lasting memories.  The hardships are the same for everyone.  Therefore, don’t think about why is my army life like this but rather, after reading this, massage the shoulders of the comrade next to you and encourage him and say let’s live out our army life sincerely until the end.  Try not to be too down, but cheerful.


* Since his public relations poster shoot for the 2017 Barracks/Camp Reading Revitalization and Support campaign, 100 books were donated to Sergeant Lee Seunggi’s 13th Airborne brigade unit in the name of Sergeant Lee Seunggi.  Like Sergeant Lee Seunggi’s wish, we hope that through books, the men and women of the armed forces will be thinking soldiers, evolved soldiers.


[END OF INTERVIEW.  I’ll translate and post the other question-response items that weren’t included in the online blog version once I have clear images of the magazine version interview text.]

Lee Seunggi is seriously amazing and inspiring.  One thing’s for sure–

After being discharged from the army, no matter what he chooses to do, Lee Seunggi is going to be just fine^^…  mentally strong, positive, and happy…  for the rest of his life~^^.  In this life, frankly, that is most important.  And many would say, this is even more so in the entertainment industry.

Can’t wait to meet the even more amazing Lee Seunggi post-army.  Anticipating the return of beloved Singer-Actor Lee Seunggi.

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  1. Thank you for all the translations!! It’s worth the wait!! Looking forward to the other translations as promised!! Lee sueng gi, thank you for beig you!!

  2. A huge thank you for your translation!

  3. Thank you for all the translations! Agree with you that after his discharge, he is going to be fine, no matter how difficult the challenges, he is going to have in his life going forward.

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