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[Interview Part 4] HIM Military Culture Magazine, Oct. 2017 – Adieu, Special Forces Sergeant Lee Seunggi

[Interview Part 4]

HIM (힘) Military Culture Magazine
October 2017 | Vol. 78
Adieu, Sergeant Lee Seung Gi
Special Forces Lee Seung Gi’s Last Present

English translation: LSGfan
Original Content:
HIM Magazine

# After Discharge, the Start of Lee Seunggi’s Second Half

*Note: There are 4 question-responses under this topic section in the magazine print version. The internet blog version does not list all the items. I wasn’t able to translate all of them since I don’t have clear readable images of the entire magazine interview version yet.

Your moves, post-discharge, has been the focus of attention so I’m curious about your plans.

LSG: Album, acting, variety, I’m planning to be active across various fields but nothing concrete has been finalized yet.  Since I’m still serving in the army, I think it would be rash to be finalizing things already.  Completing my military service is my top priority.  However, seems there are a lot of proposals coming in through my agency since my discharge time is approaching, so I’m thankful. 

I think you’d also feel some burdens about your return?

LSG: More so than burdens, there’s one thing that worries me.  I’ve become used to army life, so now, speaking naturally is more difficult.  Even when I greet someone, I keep raising my hand to salute.  Also, I don’t like to improperly salute.  Even when I speak, I feel as if I’ll always conclude the end with military accent.  However, since army life isn’t over until it’s over, I’m thinking that carefully adapting again will be a matter after being discharged.    

[to be continued…]

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