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[Interview Part 2] HIM Military Culture Magazine, Oct. 2017 – Adieu, Special Forces Sergeant Lee Seunggi

[Interview Part 2]

HIM (힘) Military Culture Magazine
October 2017 | Vol. 78
Adieu, Sergeant Lee Seung Gi
Special Forces Lee Seung Gi’s Last Present

English translation: LSGfan
Original Content:
HIM Magazine and lovely Airens^^


# 21 Months, A Short Yet Also A Long Period

*Note: There are 9 question-responses under this topic section in the magazine print version.  The internet blog version does not list all the items.  I wasn’t able to translate all of them since I don’t have clear readable images of the entire magazine interview version yet.

You never expected to be assigned to the Special Forces, thus that must have been the same for your military unit?

LSG: In the case of the Special Forces, they execute very important duties and since it’s a unit where entertainers serving as common enlisted soldiers is rare, I heard the headquarters-level went to great pains to consider what direction I could conduct my army life when I arrived.  I was advised ‘It would be great if you could carry out your army life in a manner the Nation’s people really desire,’ and I thought if I’m going to do this, I need to do this properly.  This is something I began from the way bottom.

What do you think are the charismatic charms specific to the Special Forces?

LSG: It is the army of the army.  Manly and tough and there’s a sense of loyalty.  There’s a lot of the cinematic elements we often think of.

What do you mean by cinematic elements?

LSG: Camaraderie.  Sense of loyalty.  By the third day of The Long Distance March, my feet were completely blistered and the skin was tearing off and there was a moment when it seemed utterly too difficult to walk on.  I wanted to give up.  The officer in charge at the time said, ‘You can give up, but the moment you ride in the ambulance car, it will be difficult to start walking again.’  That’s because we would have tasted comfort.  Thus, I said I would just continue walking and without saying a word, my comrades took the military gear I was carrying and divided it up among themselves.  I walked the rest of the way without additional military gear.  At that time, had it not been for my comrades, I think it would have been really difficult.  This kind of camaraderie and loyalty is what I’m talking about.

There’s been tension circling the Korean peninsula due to recent provocations from North Korea.  As as soldier, what are your thoughts?

LSG: Defend the country.  Isn’t that the fundamental stance for a soldier?  I believe we should, as we’ve always done, keep an eye on the present situation and not be shaken in carrying out and performing our duties.

21 months in the army, what do you think you’ve gained?

LSG: I can express it in one word, ‘growth.’  The Special Forces as an organization shattered my limitations in a big way.  Several times a day, at that.  When you’ve been training, there are certain thoughts that naturally creep in as a human being.  For example, something like ‘if we’ve done this much, shouldn’t we rest.’  There are a lot of cases in which you’re conquering this and training.  This really was a training.  Even in extreme situations, you’re continuing to train to accomplish something.  Carrying out my army life like this, any pretensions I had also greatly subsided.  I often thought, ‘I can accomplish anything if I can just think this way.’  I sensed that my mindset became strong and solid.

[to be continued…]

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  1. Wow!! Speechless!!! But I am proud of you!!

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