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[ENG] 8.27.2017 Channel A News – Lee Seunggi Selected by Soldiers as #1 Actor for Hypothetical Special Forces Drama Sequel

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Aug. 27, 2017 – Channel A News
English: LSGfan, Video: Shao-Ying Hsu

M-Host: Let’s talk about Lee Seunggi… I prepared this board. Yes, Lee Seunggi~ tenderly here with Han Hyojoo (lol). This is the topic: If there was a sequel to Descendants of the Sun? Song Hyekyo and uh… (F-Host: Song Joongki)… yes, Song Joongki; they will be getting married soon in 2 months.  There’s been some talk about a sequel?

BSM/Attorney: Descendants of the Sun was super popular and really big in China too. And if you look at all the commercials that Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo filmed afterward, they reached It-Trend status. With loose talk about a sequel, they asked military soldiers who would be most suitable for the lead role if there actually was a sequel.

M-Host: They asked military soldiers? Not regular folks, but soldiers?

BSM/Attorney: Yes and the results seem to reflect that of asking soldiers. Not that Lee Seunggi isn’t all that, but Lee Seunggi will be discharged from the army soon, in October. And for soldiers, seems seeing Lee Seunggi so well-suited as a Special Forces soldier in real-life indicates he’d do great in the Special Forces role played by Song Joongki.  And Park Seojoon… right now, I understand he’s in the army… (um not, you can always tell what general info news folks/reporters know when they talk without notes/teleprompter^^).  And 3rd place is Ji Changwook; he recently went and he’s also a musical actor. And Yoo Seungho, I understand he was discharged a bit ago.  So if there was to be a sequel… someone who served in the army.  And not some comfortable type of service in the army, but someone who experienced a hard army service. This seems to be soldiers’ thinking if there were to be a sequel.

F-Host: Park Seojoon has been discharged and Ji Changwook is still in the army. In the case of Lee Seunggi, he actually became the real-life Descendants of the Sun model, currently army-serving as a Special Forces soldier. Let’s check out how he appears. (cue video of 2016 Ground Forces Festival promo video^^)

[Seunggi: Private First Class Lee Seunggi! Descent preparation done! The courage of taking one step, I discovered myself anew today.]

F-Host: Army service is hard in itself, but choosing to serve in the Special Forces and such. This has been really popularly received among soldiers.

KHK/Professor: Yes that’s true. Serving in the 13th Airborne Brigade. We just saw him parachuting and a strong demeanor… (M-Host:  Yes and that’s not an easy thing!) Most people, honestly, maybe bungee jumping if that. 

[Defense Daily: Reasons why military soldiers/personnel chose Lee Seunggi as their choice hypothetical lead actor– “He’d do a good job in depicting the military discipline of a Special Forces man;” “An actor who’d express a soldier’s attitude and military discipline well;” “As a fellow soldier, I’d like to see his second golden age after his discharge from the army.”]

KHK/Professor: It’s most scary for the first person who jumps, and some with a weak heart will be sitting to the side crying. (M-Host: Yes it’s very hard.)  There’s been a lot of cases where someone goes up but can’t jump. So our soldiers earn a lot of self-respect through this. After diligently serving in the army, they seem to gain a lot of pride as an officer of the armed forces.  All these actors, they’re all handsome and for those who also faithfully serve in our armed forces, they are brilliant actors who will be very beloved by our Nation’s people. Any one of these actors, I think their acting will be great.

F-Host: If there was a sequel to Descendants of the Sun, who would be the best female lead partner?  We see Han Hyojoo on this panel.

BSM/Attorney: Han Hyojoo and Lee Seunggi worked together in the past. They acted together and recorded a song together too. And with their strong acting, seems their chemistry would make for a successful sequel. There’s this type of anticipation.

M-Host: In the first version, the two lead actors will be getting married, so if they were to film a second and third sequel, seems the lead actors could also end up happy. Well, since these are two people who are individually not married yet, I think fans would definitely anticipate a good-news scenario if a sequel to the drama were to be filmed. 

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