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[ENG] 8.30.2017 KBS – Army Discharge D-2 Months! Buzz on Broadcast Lovecalls Toward Lee Seunggi

Read English translation…

Aug. 30, 2017 – KBS Good Morning
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

(cue Seunggi’s song ‘I’m Going To the Army’ ^^)

February 1st of last year, the original ‘Nation’s Younger Brother,’ singer Lee Seunggi, enlisted as an active-duty soldier and began his army service.

Seunggi: I will work hard to greet you with a more awesome version of myself.

After enlisting for the army and showing us an even more heartwarming and manly Lee Seunggi, photos depicting his perfect adaptation to army life have created a lot of buzz.

In particular, selected by military soldiers and personnel as the #1 actor to play the male lead if there was a sequel to the drama Descendants of the Sun… Lee Seunggi showed us his ‘Nation’s Favorable Man’ side even from the army.

Prior to his enlistment, of course appearing on music broadcasts and active in dramas and variety programs, Lee Seunggi~ recently, with news of his upcoming discharge from the army, there’s already buzz that he’s the #1 person wanted across various areas within the entertainment industry. (Female Host: Wow, already~)

Entertainment Reporter: It’s known that Lee Seunggi is receiving lovecalls from music, variety, movie, and other fields. First off, we can confirm the lovecall sent by a cable drama, and also from the variety area, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work going on to cast Lee Seunggi.

However, nothing has been confirmed according to his agency, which has been very careful with their words.

Returning as a ‘Real Man’ after army service, Lee Seunggi~ there’s a lot of interest in what moves you’ll be showing us.

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