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[ENG] 8.17.2017 Channel A News – Lee Seunggi Fans Donate Book Cafe to His Special Forces Brigade

Read English translation…

Aug. 17, 2017 – Channel A News
English: LSGfan, Video: Shao-Ying Hsu/Channel A News

M: Next person is… Sergeant Lee Seunggi!  There aren’t that many days remaining until his discharge. [Generous Fanclub] What did they gift that they are so generous?

F: There was a time when fans would buy newspaper ad space and it would be shocking, but this is bigger.  Fans donated a book cafe to the brigade where Lee Seunggi is currently serving in the army.

[Representative from Lee Seunggi’s Agency:  Last January, fans commemorated Lee Seunggi’s birthday by donating a space to read books and books at his brigade. We hear that it is being used well even now.]

M: Not just giving a bunch of books… but made a cafe?!

F: As this was a cafe completely newly built, you could say the scale was a different level.

M: [images from the book cafe shown] They built that?!

F: Because of Lee Seunggi, the other soldiers serving together with him are able to enjoy this. With an interior like that of a typical cafe, the fans also personally selected each of the items.

R: Yes, the fans chose all the books.  And these days, with well-meaning intent, when fans come together and do something like this to show they love their star so much, it’s called a tribute. It could be the birthday of a star or perhaps, their debut anniversary. Especially in the case of male stars, enlistment and discharge.

R: Imagine how happy fans are! There aren’t that many days left until his discharge; Lee Seunggi will be returning soon. And what’s even more proud for the fans… as you know, he’s army-serving in the Special Forces, so fans want to leave a Lee Seunggi mark/legacy at his brigade and fans chose all the interior, items and books for it.

R: At that brigade, for a long time, really now many soldiers can study and fill their souls and I think they’ll be thankful to Lee Seunggi.

M: Not just a few books, but fans building a cafe… we hope it’ll be used in a good way.

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