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[ENG] 6.30.2017 Lee Seunggi Introduces Psy – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert

Read English translation…

June 30, 2017 – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert
English: LSGfan, Videos: LSG MX / 승기야닷컴

[Seunggi’s intro of Psy starts at 15:38~^^]

I think all of you should be sufficiently revved up now… lastly, there’s a final person who has come to celebrate our Black Panther Brigade’s 40th Anniversary. 

Actually it was this person from the start of this 40th anniversary event.  When we started planning this event, and they asked me what I thought, I carefully asked if this guest could come to support our soldiers.

And without hesitation… honestly without a second of hesitation this person said they’d come and this concert was complete.  And these stages was heavily planned by this person for all of you here. 

In the music industry, this person is an awesome sunbae and also a sunbae that helped me with my debut.  This is the true world star that comes to my mind… a real world star, I believe this person is really the only one. (crowd yelling out names… Lee Seunggi lol… Psy) I’m… not a world star (hahahaha)

Everyone, please welcome with big applause!  If somehow IU didn’t capture your hearts, then this person will definitely do it for you!  Let’s meet this person by video!

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