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[ENG] 6.30.2017 Lee Seunggi & IU Chat, All Smiles On Stage – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert

* Updated with ENG-subbed video (via LSG MX)

Read English translation…

June 30, 2017 – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert
English: LSGfan, Videos: 승기야닷컴 via Tryp96

[Seunggi sings final song and introduces first guest singer at 3:35~^^]

Thank you. Now that’s the last of my songs and I will briefly introduce the next person who’ll take the stage. (ha soldiers getting all excited lol) What, IU? IU didn’t come~ I wish IU had come too. I wish IU was here too.

This person is actually younger than me, a hoobae but… come on, that’s all I said and you think it’s IU! This is a musician I really like and there’s a lot of times I’ve been moved while listening to this singer’s music.  A musician I also admire.

Everyone~ are you ready? (Soldiers: Yes!!!) When this person comes out, you can’t be having heart problems are fainting~ I think at least 2 persons fainting is okay since we all know how to address that.

Everyone~ we’ve brought a very important guest.  As it wasn’t easy, please show all your energy!  Please don’t lean forward too much as there could be an accident. It wasn’t easy to bring this guest so please give a big passionate welcome.  Right now~ we’ll introduce them by video (ha Seunggi pointing to the guys and chuckling, totally teasing them!)

Seunggi and IU chat and laugh (A LOT! with the soldiers^^) on stage:

June 30, 2017 – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert
English: LSGfan, Videos: 승기야닷컴 via Tryp96

[cut begins at start thru 4:00~]

LSG: You’re busy these days since your Exhale album came out~

IU: These days… I’m not that busy ㅎㅎㅎ (these 2 laughing is so cute^^)

LSG: On top of that, you’re also humble! So, we are Special Forces, Nation’s ‘Black Panther’ Brigade (black panther = symbol for 13th Airborne Brigade)

IU: Black Panther Brigade. Ahhh even the name is cool~ (soldiers and Seunggi too, way loving all of this lol). Ahhh Black Panther Brigade~ (omg all IU has to do is state their brigade name and laugh and the guys are thrilled ha)

LSG: Ok all of you are enjoying this so much that I can’t think of what to say~ (omg Seunggi genuinely seems excited and nervous! this is what happens when guys are in the army and women are not around for so longㅋㅋㅋ even Seunggi. this is too cute~) Honestly, I’m even feeling…

IU: But wow~ (taken aback by the guys’s response lol)

LSG: How long has it been since you’ve come to an army concert?

IU: Army concert~ I think it’s been about 5-6 years. (omg the big smile on Seunggi’s face and all the guys so excitedㅋㅋㅋ) It’s been a really long time!

LSG: How does it feel now that you’re here?

IU: Actually, I was backstage early and I heard the other performances, and there were belly dancers (whoa really, belly dancers performed?!) and Sergeant Lee Seunggi was also singing…

LSG: Oh thank you~ I was actually promoted to Sergeant today (ok Seunggi is trying his best to focus and be a pro w/ all the guys so excited and he himself too~ but IU was about to segue into his singing and all he heard was her addressing him as ‘Sergeant Lee Seunggi’ ^^)

IU: You were promoted today?!

LSG: I was promoted today. Originally it was supposed to be another day but it was changed due to the concert.

IU: Wow congratulations!

LSG: Thank you. For me, seeing IU is more of a blessing. Although I’m an entertainer too, I feel nervous… and this is really hard. (ha Seunggi can’t even look at IU and instead talks to the soldiers! this is too entertaining just watching Seunggi^^)

IU: Aw come on, why are you saying that~?

LSG: No really, I’m glad you’re here. You’re going to definitely provide a memorable time for the soldiers today, right?

IU: Of course! It’s been 6 years since I’ve been here!

LSG: Ok everyone.  Looks like they’re prepared up front here, the sign says…

IU: I know! How did you prepare these signs?!

LSG: Soldiers are great at this kind of stuff!

IU: You’re the best!

LSG: I have rewards for IU to pass out.

IU: Wow~~~~

LSG: For soldiers, reward breaks are pretty much what mics are for singers. You can’t do army life without these. These are that urgent so while IU is singing, say someone gets super excited or displays great affection, you feel they deserve a break outside. Just 3 people…

IU: So can I take them out today? (ha Seunggi totally shocked and caught off guard by that^^) Can I take them out with me?ㅎㅎㅎㅎ (omg Seunggi is at a loss for words lol)

LSG: When you go back to Seoul, you should take met too~^^ Actually, IU has a really cool personality, so if you show a lot of affection, IU will give out these rewards. You can give them all out during 1 song or spread them out across songs.

IU: Seems people in the back may have already given up but I like to search out~ I have really good eyesight, 1.5 and 1.5! (cute IU^^) So people in the back, don’t give up.

LSG: I’ll leave the reward sheets here so when you’re ready to give them out, we have someone here to help deliver them. Ok we’ll have IU’s stage. I’ll hurry up and leave~ this is IU!

IU: Thank you!

[IU’s performances not included in video]

LSG: (Seunggi returns to emcee) Did you enjoy that? (Soldiers: Yes!!!) When I said IU, wow~ you were all this hard-working type of people?! I’m really disappointed~ a different side you didn’t show toward me ㅎㅎㅎ No, I was really touched^^

[IU-related part ends at 4:00~ will post next guest intro separately^^]

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