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[ENG] 6.30.2017 Lee Seunggi Sings Debut Song for Encore – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert

Read English translation…

June 30, 2017 – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert
English: LSGfan, Videos: 승기야닷컴 via Tryp96

[Seunggi just finished performing his 4th song “Let’s Go On Vacation” and this was his 4th ment/talk, and the rowdy soldiers are shouting Encore Encore~^^]

Thank you. Are you having a good time?! Me too, today I’m so excited it doesn’t even seem like I’ve sung 4 songs.  Really seems like time hasn’t passed that much… but the current time is 20:44 (reading his watch^^) Of course, I’d love to take this further, but behind me, there are singers that I too want to see ㅎㅎㅎ So, I’ll sing my final encore song… (omg a soldier shouts out hurry up~ they probably so waiting to see a female lol).  Since he told me come down, I’ll hurry it up ㅋㅋㅋ

Is there a particular song you want to hear? Louder~ 1 2 3~ this should be a cue for ‘Because You’re My Woman’ but you inappropriately said ‘Delete’ over there^^ but thank you so much. ‘Because You’re My Woman’ and ‘Delete’ are both from my 1st album. And the person who wrote and composed this song is waiting backstage.  It’s an encounter I’m really thankful for.  So I’ll sing this song and sign off~ I’ll sing ‘Because You’re My Woman’ for you.

Encore song: Because You’re My Woman
Seunggi’s intro of next singer starts at 3:35 in below video~
I’ll post that translation in separate post^^

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