[ENG] 10.25.2016 Lee Seunggi Hosts and Performs at Private Army Event to Cheer and Support Frontline Soldiers

* Video updated with ENG SUBS^^ Thanks to @LSG_MX!

Read English translation…

October 25, 2016 – Excerpt Clips from Private Event for Frontline Soldiers
Video: LSG MX, English: LSGfan

(the soldiers’ enthusiastic reaction after Lee Seunggi intro video plays^^)

Soldiers: [Seunggi comes on stage~] It’s Lee Seunggi!!!

(I’m so thankful to the lone female soldier who was squealing, along with the excited hollering boisterous male soldiers, AND that she recorded this precious private event footage!)

[Seunggi sings Because You’re My Woman]

(omg I’m so loving this sweet interaction between Soldier Seunggi and what appears to be career army soldiersㅠㅠㅠ the soldiers wooing and ahhing and enjoying Seunggi’s ‘noona song’ is just too cute and sweet!)

LSG: For our military personnel serving tirelessly on the frontlines, we really wanted to put together a performance that would offer support and healing… so for the first time ever, we’re able to stand here before you like this via approval from the Army’s executive management. (applause from soldiers!)

LSG: Therefore, if we were to just perform the same thing from the Ground Forces Festival, we would feel bad… (soldier yells out something which cracks Seunggi and the crowd up^^) so we practiced and prepped a program and video footage for a week to share this with you, and we even did all-nighters for this!  This is how important we felt this was, and I hope you will have a great enjoyable time and for us, your passionate excitement is all we need, okay~? (soldiers scream yes!^^) Then, we will now being our stage of enlisted soldiers originally entertainers…

[at 3:00~ Seunggi sings Fly from Misaeng drama OST and soon after, video montage of grueling army training and life and support message quotes to soldiers are shown on screen while Seunggi sings.  Support quotes include: “Things are tiring, right?  I’m tired too! Let’s be strong together!”]

(Seunggi’s choice of song ‘Fly’ and the army training/life video footage and interspersed quotes/messages is seriously touching, making people tear up for sure ㅠㅠㅠ and then Seunggi powerfully closes out the song vocally and folks think it’s the end… but oh man, then the stage goes dark and video messages from soldiers’ parents are shownㅠㅠㅠ omg I’m getting all teary-eyed because this is so touching and awesome!!!!ㅠㅠㅠ)

Mom 1: Be healthy and well and I’m hoping you will finish well and come out. I love you~

Dad: I believe you did well by going to the army, and until the day you are discharged, take care of yourself~

Mom 2: Please I hope you eat well~

[at 5:00~ Seunggi brings out the other performers and closes out event]

LSG: How was our Korea Army Performing Arts event? (soldiers applaud!) Did you enjoy it? (soldiers say yesss!!!)  Ok, how about one more time~ 25th Infantry Division, did you have a good time?! (again yessss!!!) We’re able to happily close out this performance and leave due to your excitement and passion.  The program we prepared ends here. (lol nooooooo!!!! from soldiers)  We really wish this wasn’t the end.  Next time, if there’s another good opportunity, I hope we’ll have the opportunity to see you again.

LSG: Lastly, let me introduce the other members who helped put this stage together. Our musical team on stage and the dance team, and the ones who worked the hardest to make this stage possible~ our enlisted soldiers originally entertainers~ please come out on stage.  Please say a few words and we’ll wrap things up…

LSG: (deadpans lol~) ok tomorrow’s wake up time is 6:30am!… Ok~ our awesome top 25th Infantry division attendees, we say goodnight and close this program. Attention~ Salute the military personnel~ Loyalty! At ease! Thank you!

(Seunggi is seriously a class act. It’s nothing new but how he carries himself and just exudes leadership, respect, and trust… even during his military service is always just striking and noticeable! He is seriously too special♡)


Again, I’m so thankful to this lone female soldier who recorded and uploaded these precious brief clips!! Not surprisingly, her posts and IG account altogether were deletedㅠㅠㅠ  seems mainly because of all the attention to her posts, including LSG fans and others responding to her sarcastic comment about some of the other performances… she was saying she was a young mom and simple person and wasn’t expecting thisㅠㅠㅠ

So, thanks again to LSG_MX for downloading the clips!! We all now know that Seunggi’s army-related posts get deleted soon after^^  And thanks to Tryp96 for translating (in her usual timely fashion^^) the female soldier’s IG posts related to Seunggi:

[Tryp96] 16.10.25 ROK Army Event Fancams – Lee Seung Gi

*Updated – 6 clips* Actually, I’m not sure what kind of army event this is, or if these videos were taken today. I just got too excited hearing SeungGi singing a new song. It’s Tomorrow Fly from Misaeng OST. So this is a “2016 Korea Army Performing Art” event for Army units/soldiers on the front line.

Lee Seung Gi came to our army unit [the special word for “come” here is usually used for royalty] 😍😙😗 Screaming because I’m the only female stuck in an all-soldier crowd ㅋㅋ So handsome. So handsome. Falling in love. 💕

On the front line, we really don’t get this kind of performance often, thank you. 😂 #LeeSeungGi #SoHandsome

Voice 👍 #LeeSeungGi #MisaengOSTTomorrow #Army

Video Touching #LeeSeungGi #MisaengOSTTomorrow #Army

Don’t go. ㅜㅜ #ArmyPerformingArt #LeeSeungGi

Thank you for coming all the way to this countryside. 🙆 The performance was jjang. #LeeSeungGi

credit: luv_arajun


Seunggi’s choice to sing ‘Fly’ was perfect, and I can see why it was even more meaningful set to the video footage of army training and life…

Fly – Lee Seung Yeol (Misaeng OST)
Lyrics via pop!gasa

Everything is broken down
I don’t see a single place to put my foot down

A black air covers me
Making it impossible to open my eyes

Don’t stop there, that’s not your place
Get up and fly far away

I don’t know how long it will take
But you can take it, spread your wings and fly

In the end, everyone left far away
Everyone is hiding, no one can see each other

The cold sigh covers you
Can’t even breathe

Don’t stop there, that’s not your place
Get up and fly far away

I don’t know how long it will take
But you can take it, spread your wings and fly


So it seems like Seunggi and the group visited other infantry divisions as well to perform for frontline soldiers…

[Tryp96] 16.10.24 ROK Army Event Fan Accounts – Lee Seung Gi

[Tryp96] 16.10.31 ROK Army Event Fan Account – Lee Seung Gi


Proud of Seunggi^^ remember the run-though performance program for the Ground Forces Festival…. in front of the entire audience…  when MC Seunggi asked the Chief of the Army (yes THE Chief of the Army!) if he could consider them performing for frontline soldiers~~~?!  Good to know Chief Jang eventually gave the greenlight for a great meaningful event!

(Ground Forces Festival run-thought performance event, at 7:09~)

LSG: Honestly, I also prepared diligently like this too so it feels a bit unfortunate to end the festival with just this one time event. Personally, I’d like to see… not only for our Nation’s people, but also our soldiers and personnel giving their all on the frontlines, and the armed forces deployed overseas giving their all for our Nation… to visit and encourage them, I think about that sometimes. (crowd applause!!).

LSG: Since we’re all here today… by any chance, Army Chief of Staff General~ if feasible, like the performances shared today, would you be able to seriously consider the possibility for us to donate our talents for a good cause to more places? (whoa Seunggi addresses General Jang, Army Chief of Staff who’s in the audience. Crowd laughs and Seunggi busts out a nervous chuckle; probably can’t believe he’s addressing the Army Chief of Staff like this omg)

Army Chief of Staff: Yes, I will seriously consider it.

LSG: Thank you! (Seunggi bows, smiles, crowd applauds!!)

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