Lee Seunggi Successfully Passes Republic of Korea Special Forces’ KRAV MAGA Military Level 1 Training Test

Realized I never posted Seunggi’s KRAV MAGA mention during the October 2016 Ground Forces Festival!! Gosh, hard to believe that was like 6 months ago!!!  Seriously time files!!!!!  Seems still timely even now, since we’ve been hearing news that Seunggi’s been working out a lot even now^^

English: LSGfan via Korea Special Warfare Command facebook

December 15, 2016.  Whoa Lee Seunggi, currently serving in the army in the Black Panther Airborne Brigade of the Special Warfare Command division earned a Korea KRAV MAGA Military Level 1.


Not sure exactly when Seunggi did his KRAV MAGA training but we know it was before the October 2016 Ground Forces Festival… that’s where we first saw his KRAV MAGA badge on his uniform.  And he also briefly mentioned it during one of his very many MC segments^^~~~

[ENG] October 4, 2016 – Ground Forces Festival, MC Lee Seunggi mentions KRAV MAGA training
English: LSGfan, Video: 빛나다

Girl: Private First Class Lee Seunggi~ can you tell us about Special Forces martial arts?

LSG: In the case of our executive management, it’s required; but for the soldiers, it’s a choice.  So recently, I received my KRAV MAGA certification… and I almost died while doing it, really!  Nevertheless, being part of the Special Forces, I feel proud.  And although I’m not at this level [of the veteran Special Forces martial arts team], I’m able to carry my own ㅎㅎㅎ

Girl: If you can show us next time, I think you’d be really cool.

LSG: Okay, will do~


And this is the Korea KRAV MAGA instructor’s blog post about Seunggi that the Korea Special Warfare Command facebook link-posted~~

English: LSGfan via Korea KRAV MAGA Instructor blog

November 24, 2016. We’ve heard news that Lee Seunggi has successfully passed the Military KRAV MAGA Level 1 test!  Currently, Lee Seunggi is serving in the army, in the Republic of Korea Special Forces Airborne Brigade. If you look at Lee Seunggi’s right arm, you should see a military patch. That patch is issued by our KKM (Korea KRAV MAGA)^^

Our KKM provides KRAV MAGA training to the Republic of Korea Special Forces.  At KKM, military KRAV MAGA philosophy, combat sense, instinctual response, and other skills are at the core of the training.


It’s been great to see Seunggi making the most of his military service time, doing his best and giving his all, taking on new challenges and staying strong in mind, body, and spirit… of course, as expected of Lee Seunggi^^  It’s kind of hard to believe that there’s only 7 months left until he discharges.  So proud of our guy and can’t wait for him to return.

Even Korea KRAV MAGA Military Level 1 training is serious man.  I can see why Seunggi said/joked he almost died during it ㅠㅠㅠ Check it out:

Republic of Korea Special Warfare Command KRAV MAGA Military Level 1


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