[ENG] 3.24.2017 Channel A News – ‘Corporal’ Lee Seunggi’s Tribute Song, West Sea Defense Day Commemoration

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March 24, 2017 – Channel A News: Corporal’ Lee Seunggi’s Tribute Song, Channel A News Top 10
Video: Channel A New Top 10, English: LSGfan

The 2nd West Sea Defense Day commemoration took place today. In relation to the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, Mr. Yoon Doho read a letter addressed to his son, the deceased Lieutenant Yoon Youngha. Let’s listen together.

[MrYoonDoho:  My son, Youngha, you’re watching, right? Having sacrificed your lives for our country, we are so incredibly proud of you all. When we meet again, I will meet you as my son. I love you.]

At today’s commemoration, currently serving in the army Lee Seunggi also participated in the ensemble chorus. Let’s listen together.

This is the clip of Lee Seunggi singing.

Currently serving in the army, this is Lee Seunggi leading the chorus ensemble at the 2nd West Sea Defense Day today.

Not having been able to see Lee Seunggi for a while, we get the opportunity to see his face for this wonderful performance.

Since some of our viewers may be curious about what kind of this day this West Sea Defense Day is, we’ll ask one of our panelists to explain…

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