Lee Seunggi Successfully Passes Republic of Korea Special Forces’ KRAV MAGA Military Level 1 Training Test

Realized I never posted Seunggi’s KRAV MAGA mention during the October 2016 Ground Forces Festival!! Gosh, hard to believe that was like 6 months ago!!!  Seriously time files!!!!!  Seems still timely even now, since we’ve been hearing news that Seunggi’s been working out a lot even now^^

English: LSGfan via Korea Special Warfare Command facebook

December 15, 2016.  Whoa Lee Seunggi, currently serving in the army in the Black Panther Airborne Brigade of the Special Warfare Command division earned a Korea KRAV MAGA Military Level 1.

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[ENG] 3.24.2017 Channel A News – ‘Corporal’ Lee Seunggi’s Tribute Song, West Sea Defense Day Commemoration

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