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[ENG] 3.27.2017 Defense Media Agency News – West Sea Defense Day, Lee Seunggi Cut

Read English translation… 4:05~4:30 Lee Seunggi cut

March 27, 2017 Defense Media Agency News
(4:05~4:30 Lee Seunggi cut)
Video: 국방TV (Defense Media Agency), English: LSGfan

In Act 3, currently serving in the Special Forces division Corporal Lee Seunggi and singer Eun Gaeun, plus the Gyeryong Children’s Choir, the Daejun Choir, and the National Defense military band together sang ‘Our Republic of Korea’ and closed the commemoration ceremony. The West Sea Defense Day commemorates those who lost their lives for our Nation and aims to remember our nation’s resolve. This was the Defense Media Agency news.


[Chosun Media] Wow~ It’s ‘Lee Seunggi…. Passionately Sings ‘Our Republic of Korea’ Attired in Army Uniform

[Video description] Army-serving singer and actor Lee Seunggi took the stage at the ‘West Sea Defense Day Commemoration.’ On March 24, at the ‘2nd West Sea Defense Day’ which was held at the Daejeon National Cemetery, currently serving in the army Corporal Lee Seunggi passionately sang ‘Our Republic of Korea’ with singer Eun Gaeun.

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