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[ENG] 3.24.2017 West Sea Defense Day Commemoration Tribute – Army-Serving Special Forces Corporal Lee Seunggi

Read English translation…

[Livestream] 2nd West Sea Defense Day Commemoration
Video: 국방TV (Defense Media Agency), English: LSGfan

1:35~ Please rise from your seats.

2:40~ We will now commence with the 2nd West Sea Defense Day commemoration. First, we will begin with the Pledge of Allegiance… salute to the flag.

3:30~ Continuing, we will sing the National Anthem. We will sing the National Anthem through 4 verses.

7:20~ Next, we will pay silent tribute to the patriotic martyrs, national heroes, and fallen soldiers.

8:40~ Everyone please take your seats. Next, we will have an offering of flowers and burning of incense. This will be led by the Acting President and [other government and military representatives, and families of those we have lost.]

16:00~ Next, we will watch a tribute video.

21:00~ Next, the Secretary of State / Acting President will give the commemorative speech.

27:45~ Next we will have a commemorative performance. As we remember those who died for our country, we will remember them by name… [Performance Act 1 – In the Name of Our Fathers]

33:30~ [Performance Act 2 – The Brave of Korea]

35:45~ Continuing on, our Nation’s ensemble chorus will continue. The chorus will be led by led by army-serving Special Forces Corporal Lee Seunggi and singer Eun Gaeun, together with the National Defense military band, the Gyeryong Children’s Choir, and the Daejun Choir. [Performance Act 3 – Our Republic of Korea]…

This concludes the 2nd West Sea Defense Day commemoration. Everyone, thank you.


Lee Seunggi Tribute Performance Cut – Our Republic of Korea

video: seunggiairen


Corporal Lee Seunggi, Manly Yet in a Moving Way… Sings Tribute Song

video: Sustainers Lee

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