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[ENG] 3.24.2017 Gyeryong Children’s Choir Takes Photos with Lee Seunggi!

Read English translation of cute photo comments in the video^^…

Gyeryong Children’s Choir Takes Photos with Lee Seunggi!
Video: 녹차돼지, English: LSGfan

Gyeryong Children’s Musical Choir~♡

Photos with Lee Seunggi after the performance~

Kyaaaaahhh~ It’s Lee Seunggi~!!!!

The child who held hands with Lee Seunggi~

Everyone shoulder to shoulder~^^

He’s handsome~

Thank you~
Everyone worked hard

And here’s footage of what was really going on before the strong-willed^^ parents of the Children’s Choir captured those super cute photos of Seunggi and the kids lol~~~

Photo time behind-the-scenes video from the South Korea Correspondent of Sputnik News Agency, Russia. The video title is soooo lol hahahaha:

Taking Photos with Lee Seunggi… And You Ajusshi, Why? ㅎㅎㅎ
이승기와 사진찍기…아저씨는 왜? ㅎㅎㅎ

Seunggi is such a sweetheart♡♡♡♡♡!!!  Always so cool, calm, and collected.  Just the best, as expected.

But seriously, when he pulled up that little boy who was being pushed around and put his arm around and held his hand, my heart just totally melted!!!!

The West Sea Defense Day commemoration was a heavy-hearted day, particularly with the recovery of the Sewol Ferry looming in the news, as well as the prosecution of the former president of Korea…

So I’m so thankful to this news correspondent for capturing this video and making us all smile a bit.

video: Sustainers Lee

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