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[ENG] 2.9.2017 Star News – Army ‘Turning Point’ for Stars… #1 Most Anticipated Lee Seunggi

Read English translation…

February 9, 2017 – Star News
English: LSGfan, Video: K STAR 생방송 스타뉴스

(Seunggi cut at 0:00 to 1:05~)

Reporter: There was a time when ‘army’ for a male star was referred to as his grave. That’s because such a break would greatly impact their careers. However, recently, the number of stars who’ve succeeded even more after returning from army service is not small. For entertainers, army can also be a key turning point in their life. Let’s meet the army lives of stars.

Selected #1 as the most anticipated star among the male celebrities to be discharged from the army this year~ Lee Seunggi!

Super Junior’s Shindong, who recently completed his army service, said that Lee Seunggi had become ‘Beast-Gi’ in the army and shared news about Lee Seunggi in the army.

Last year in February, enlisting at the age of 30 (29 in U.S. age), he is currently army-serving in the Special Forces 13th Airborne Brigade.  He is expected to be discharged this October 31st.

Earlier in January, the topic ‘Lee Seunggi These Days’ along with real-feel photos of Seunggi in army life created a lot of buzz online. In the photo, Lee Seunggi is wearing a blue track suit and holding a mic, appearing to be instructing someone with a bright smile.


(Seunggi shown again at the end of the news clip at 5:41~)

Reporter:  What used to be thought of as wasted time in the army, we will continue so further cheer for those stars giving their best in the army and ultimately finding their turning point.

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