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[ENG] 1.3.2017 KBS News – Singer-Actor Lee Seunggi, Representative Star Army Discharge Awaited the Most

I must’ve missed this news clip at the start of 2017^^
Read English translation…

January 3, 2017 – KBS News: Culture Plaza
English: LSGfan, Video: KBS NEWS

(Intro at 0:00 ~ 0:14)

Reporter: Hello this is Culture Plaza. The enlistment and discharge of male entertainers is one of the major cultural topics this year.

Including Lee Seunggi, there are several K-pop stars to be discharged one by one.  Let’s meet the stars who will be completing army service this year.


(Seunggi cut at 0:54~)

[Singer and Actor Lee Seunggi: Enlisting last year in February, he currently army-serving in the Special Forces 13th Airborne Brigade]

Reporter: In particular, in the case of Lee Seunggi, a singer, actor, and even variety… having been active in multiple fields, he is the representative star whose army discharge is awaited the most.

Last year when he was enlisting, he wittily shared his heartfelt thoughts that the National Defense Ministry clock would tick slowly.

[Seunggi on enlistment day: Others telling me that time will pass by quickly is obviously absurd from my standpoint… but I’ll give my best and return even better…]

Somehow his army discharge is 9 months from now and with the sageuk movie he filmed prior to enlistment set to release soon, we’re anticipating that he will be quickly engaged in multiple activities.

Seunggi’s discharge has been anticipated since he enlisted for army service^^

And throughout his glowing, accomplished Special Forces army service thus far^^

Time seemed to go so slow at first, but now it seems like it flew by!

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